Master Gracey’s Maid Service art turns Haunted Mansion maid into Disney pinup model, ready to follow you home

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Taking Disney’s iconic maid from The Haunted Mansion and turning her into a pinup model, we’re sharing new photography artwork you’re just dying to see.

It’s called Master Gracey’s Maid Service, inspired by and based on artwork by DJ Clulow. (More on his original below!)

Photographer: Ricky Brigante
Model: Autumn Holiday
Makeup and Hair Styling: Adrienne Star

Considering The Haunted Mansion is always layered with dust and cobwebs, it makes you wonder what these maids really do there… or what sinister ideas they have in store for you.

(This is fan art and is not officially licensed artwork by the Walt Disney Company, obviously.)

Beyond this initial image, there will be a whole series of photos to follow in an even more traditional “pinup” style of innocence and playfulness. Here’s a sneak peek:


This photography is based off of artwork I spotted while walking through Artist’s Alley at MegaCon 2014. I came across the booth for artist DJ Clulow – aka Crabby Squid – showcasing his original Disney-inspired piece:

Inspired by his work and with his permission, I have recreated it as a photograph.

Prints of his original artwork are also available via Clulow’s Etsy store.

Clulow is an illustrator and cephalopod enthusiast from Las Vegas and now resides in Orlando, Florida. Specializing in pop culture art from movies, comics, video games, and theme park attractions. DJ creates art of beloved characters and subjects with a splash of color.

More of his work can be found on his Facebook page and web site portfolio.


Below is a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the photo shoot for Master Gracey’s Maid Service:


  1. El Dino

    Who’s the Lady in this pics?

  2. Tammy O.

    Shall I be the first to start the outrage? Ugh. Thanks for taking my favorite attraction and making it pervy. Three cheers for implied prostitution and the objectification of women! (I know, I know, all in good fun, lighten up, blah, blah, blah.)

    1. Ricky Brigante

      My favorite attraction too. And all those involved here, including the model – who is a woman.

      We are talking about the same attraction that empowers its main female character by giving her an axe and glorifies the slaying of her husbands (“I do… I did.”) So just imagine what sinister plot this maid has hidden behind her displayed sexuality. She’s probably in cahoots with Constance.

  3. Tammy O.

    I wouldn’t necessarily say that the attraction is empowering women by allowing for the glorification of murder. It’s creepy, it’s a haunted mansion. I guess we all draw our lines in different places and I guess I’ll just leave it at “this isn’t the product for me”.

  4. Guest

    Is it just me or does her butt look weird? I know it’s from her pose, but they could have done better then that.

  5. Joseph S.

    This will either be a product that is extremely loved or hated. I for one love it and since I am a photographer too and love the mansion I too have considered making something similar and if I had the outfit I most likely would have already done it a while ago. I understand many feel this is Disney related and therefor dislike this since Disney is related with innocence and that is understandable but to each their own. Great work on this and hope to see more behind the scene pics to come!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Thanks! You’re right. I definitely didn’t expect everyone to like it. The rest of the photo series will be much more in line with the “pin-up” style – playful and innocent with a mix of sexuality. This one was strictly following DJ’s original art. So yes, I’ll definitely be sharing more as soon as I can!

  6. Kira

    Is this going to become a calendar we can purchase?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      That was originally the plan but due to circumstances out of my control the calendar will not be available for purchase. However, more photos in the series are definitely on the way in the coming months.

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