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Review: “Guardians of the Galaxy” toys and collectibles from Disney, Hasbro are out of this world fun

“Guardians of the Galaxy” was the hit movie of the summer and we are less than a month away from its Blu-ray / DVD release on December 9th. As we wait for that, we were sent some toys from Disney and Hasbro to review.

Unsurprisingly, I already owned some of these toys – they are well designed and look great sitting on a shelf as collectables.

The 10 inch Big Blastin’ Rocket Raccoon Figure with multiple phrases and battle sounds is the best of the bunch. (We first took a look at it way back at Toy Fair New York earlier this year, excited about it even before seeing the movie.) Our genetically modified space menace packs quite the punch with his fast spinning light-up barrel in changing colors that shakes Rocket with its powerful recoil. It vibrates so hard that the whole figure moves on the table. Press the fire button for a blast or hold it down for him to continuous blasting.

Being 10 inches and larger than most other Guardians of the Galaxy figures makes it a really cool collector’s item. As you can see in the picture above, it has a lot of detail and is well painted.

Phrases include “Locked and loaded” and “You gotta be kidding me!”, usually followed by Rocket blasting his gun, spinning in different colors.

Downside: The gun is fixed in his hands and he isn’t very posable which in my opinion makes this toy a better piece for a Marvel collection, rather than as a toy.


Take on the identity of Star-Lord with the Star-Lord Quad Blaster and shoot at your enemies while saving the galaxy with 4 barrels of foam-firing Nerf fun.

You can fire 2 shots simultaneously but can also shoot one by one. After the first 2 shots have been fired, you have to press the special trigger to open the blaster so the last 2 can be shot.

This gun is a good replica on the Quad Blaster used in the movie and seems durable. I have played with mine quite a bit and it’s still working like it did the very first day. My cat loves to chase the darts.


If your child really wants to get into role playing, you can pick up the Rocket Raccoon Mask with moving mouth, ears and eyebrows. It’s a cool mask but only fits a child’s head, sadly. To move the various parts of the mask, move your jaw and Rocket’s mouth, ears and eyebrows will move with it.


Despite what it looks like here, Nova didn’t kill Groot just because he is holding his arm. This series of 6 collectable figures comes with various parts of Groot’s body. Collect all 6 and you will be able to build the 6-inch Groot figure. Figures in this series are detailed and paint has been nicely applied.

Figures that can be collected in this Marvel’s Legends series are Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Drax, Iron man, Star Lord and Nova.


What would Peter Quill be without his flying hub of awesome: the Milano Starship. This vehicle has lights and battle sounds with 2 firing missiles. This can seat up to 3 figures in its cockpit. The ship does require some assembling and comes with stickers that need to be put one the ship to give it finishing touches.

The Milano Starship includes 2.5-inch Star-Lord action figure but more figures can be purchased separately HERE

Not only does the aircraft light up but it also makes rapid-fire blasting and explosion sounds.

Missiles are inserted into slots. Pushing the missiles makes them “fire.” There is no button or other firing mechanism, which may be the only weakness of this product. Spring-loaded missiles are becoming less common these days in toys but they are sorely missed. Otherwise, this is a great looking item and is a necessity for any Guardians collector.


“Guardians of the Galaxy” is a great movie and it’s great to see Disney, Hasbro, and Marvel spent the time to create interesting and high quality merchandise for adults and children to enjoy.

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