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Nail wrap company Jamberry to release Disney collection

Jamberry is a well known company for the nail aficionados as they sell a multitude of wonderful nail wrap designs. The company has now announced that they will be released a plethora of Disney designs today. Yesterday some preview pics were released of the different designs featuring Little Mermaid, Minnie Mouse and Sleeping Beauty.

The nail wraps are $18 per sheet and can be found at jamberry.com at 12pm EST. They can also be purchased from Jamberry consultants.







  1. Robin

    Thank you. Can’t wait to order

  2. I am so excited about the Disney Collection by Jamberry! Please search for a consultant in your area to support that local woman with her business! I don’t want to come off as Spam saying buy thru me! Haha, Go to jamberry.com, scroll all the way to the bottom where it says Find a Consultant. Click that and type in your zip code! It will show you the wonderful women in your area who will love to get you these wraps! 😀 Again, hope this comment is ok Ricky! Love your site!

  3. I’m a Jamberry consultant and would love to help you with your Disney Collection needs!!

  4. I am so exited about this! If you want to buy any of the new Disney wraps and live in Colorado let me know. I’m a consultant! Otherwise, find your local consultant. So exciting! ♡ Email:[email protected]

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