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Top 8 exciting thrills at Disney’s theme parks

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The Walt Disney Company is known throughout the world for its excellent theming and family friendly entertainment experiences.  With theme parks in America, France, Japan and China, millions have had the opportunity to enjoy a variety of amazing attractions.

These rides range from wild to mild.  Occasionally there’s an attraction that takes thrills to a new level.  Some are even fantastically frightening.  We’ve gathered eight exceptional examples of the exciting experiences for you to enjoy.

1. Alien Encounter (Florida)

A little bit goes a long way.  What the imagineers did with this Extra-TERRORestrial attraction was just pure brilliance.  The use of suggestive “imagery” in almost complete darkness via binaural audio, hot air, moving seats and harnesses and sprays of water make this one of the best horror themed attractions ever.

2. Phantom Manor (France)

While we think the original 1969 Haunted Mansion attraction in California is un-boo-lievably creepy cool.  The unique story and scenes of Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris is where the real chills come from.  Listen . . . (and watch)

3. Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Shrunken Treasure (Shanghai)

Another classic adventure found at many of Disney’s theme parks, Pirates of the Caribbean has been given over the top treatment for its newest incarnation in China.

Bonus points to Disneyland Paris for the updated scenes with Captain Barbossa and the beloved Red Head.

4. Rock n Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

There’s something about rocketing away from a dead stop that just gets the adrenaline going.  Add that excitement to an indoor setting and throw in some great Aerosmith tunes and the thrill is more than note-worthy.

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  1. frostysnowman

    I rode Tron and Pirates in Shanghai this week and both are fantastic! I can’t wait until Tron is completed in Florida. It’s an amazing ride.

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