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10 Theme Park Water Rides that Will Soak You with Relief from the Summer Heat

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School is out and the family vacation is taking place across the country and around the world.  Of course the summer time temperatures can bake the fun right out of any attractions adventure.

Not to worry, ITM has compiled a cooling collection of various H2O heavy hitters that are sure to soak anyone experiencing these exciting excursions.

1. Aqua Zone Wave Riders LEGOland Winter Haven FL

An adventure in aquatic avoidance (or submersion), the AQUAZONE wave racers can be found at LEGOland parks in both Florida and California.  LEGO Technic inspired pods are doubly fun as those on shore have the opportunity to blast riders with explosive eruptions of water from stations around the ride.

2. Escape from Pompeii Busch Gardens Williamsburg  VA

In what seems like a mash up of Universal’s the Mummy coaster and Sea World’s escape from Atlantis, this two minute tour of the excavation site in Pompeii is sure to get you soaking wet, but not before scorching you a bit first.  The 50’ high ride show is an archeological dig gone wrong that the 79 AD volcano blows it top again sending through the ruins and plummeting to the ground in a 49 foot dive.

3. Journey to Atlantis Sea World Orlando FL

This hybrid show and water coater can be found at Sea World’s Orlando location (the only version to feature a dark ride element to the experience).  A second version of the coaster can be found in Sand Diego.  This California variant, sans show plunges riders for two exciting dips – the second by means of lifting their boat back up by elevator.  In the San Antonio, TX, version (also sans dark ride show element), there are also two drops, but here the ride vehicle is rotated towards different parts of the track; at one point even going backwards.

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  1. Scott

    Disneyland’s version of Splash Mountain has 5 drops. Three of them are relatively big, one is small but still decent, and one is just a tiny little blip.

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