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Steam-Powered Fun, Part Two: From steampunk attractions to world wide wonders

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Steampunk has been around for over a century.  The works of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells are prime examples of this unique genre of science fiction set in the Victorian age.  Admiration for this whimsical wonder has been growing in popularity.  Such is the favor of steampunk, that museums and attractions dedicated to this delight are appearing more and more around the globe.

Steampunk HQ in New Zealand
Billed as New Zealand’s “Premier Steampunk Attraction,” this delightful museum boasts
retro-futuristic sci fi art, movies, sculpture, immersive light and sound experiences.”  The museum is located in Omaru, New Zealand, a perfect setting of Victorian structures to house such a museum.

“Steampunk HQ opened in November 2011. It is an art collaboration proudly based in Oamaru, New Zealand. It portrays an industrial version of Steampunk, with a giant sense of humour and larger than life visions of an off the wall Steampunk universe. Steampunk HQ is well known for its full scale train engine that spits fire and billows smoke.” –Steampunk HQ Museum website

The Steampunk HQ Museum is open daily from 10am to 5pm and located at 1 Itchen St, Oamaru, New Zealand.  Information on exhibits and additional images can be found on their website.

Voyage to the Iron Reef, Knott’s Berry Farm in California

This 4 minute, 4-D attraction immerses riders in a submarine adventure.  With goal of defeating the Kraken Queen and her minions before she can surface and feast upon the structures above, guests must battle stylized steampunk-esque sea creatures in a video game-like adventure.


Machine Efteling Theme Park (Netherlands)

This fantasy themed amusement park is home to “Baron 1898” a fast paced coaster adventure which plummets riders into a haunted mine shaft.  With a 37.5 meter (123 feet) drop and speeds of up to 90 km/h (60 mph) this adventure is not for the faint of heart!

In 1898 Baron Gustave Hooghmoed discovered a treasure of cursed gold.  In attempt to escape the curse he employs several locals to retrieve the precious metal; they either perish in the process or are chased away by the Witte Weiven spirits.   Along the queue, guests encounter the Baron in his office and face the foreboding spirits who warn of their doom.  Once strapped into their specialized mine vehicles, they again are visited by the Witte Weiven, warning that none shall escape their curse -at which point the mine vehicle rockets off to its spirit influenced fate.

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  1. ChnnaBlue

    These all look amazing. I’m going to need theme parks to stop using the term 4-D though. They don’t know what it means and need to shut up about it.

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