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Walt Disney World announces ‘Miss Adventure Falls’ opening date for new Typhoon Lagoon water ride

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Fans of Walt Disney World‘s on-property water parks have been anxiously awaiting the opening of the new family-style raft ride Miss Adventure Falls, which was announced last year for Typoon Lagoon.

As announced by Disney today, Miss Adventure Falls will open Sunday, March 12th at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park.


Disney also gave fans a sneak peek at part of the ride’s theming– namely Captain Mary Oceaneer’s dive bell, one of the item’s collected by the characters journeys around the world, described as “one of the precious treasures you will spot from your four-person raft, as you twist and turn on this fun-filled white-water experience.”


Be sure to visit Typhoon Lagoon’s official website for more information and advance ticketing resources, and we’ll see you at Miss Adventure Falls on March 12th!


  1. Alyssa

    Did you notice the weird symbols at the very bottom of the ride’s dive bell featured in this picture? Those are the exact same symbols that were featured in the forgotten 2001 Disney animated film, Atlantis The Lost Empire! They’re all a part of the Atlantean language created by movie linguist Mark Okrand, who also created Klingon for the Star Trek franchise! I’m really surprised Disney decided to add a reference based off a totally forgotten Disney film that they rarely reference in any of the Disney Parks! Even more so that some of the most die-hard Disney fans like myself, also including those who have seen the film and are fans of the film, would recognize it! Because of this generation, not very many people know that the movie exists due to it being highly unpopular because it didn’t do well with both the audience and at the box office! That could also mean that there are more Easter Eggs inspired by the film to be found in the ride as well! But that’s just merely speculation, as no one knows if there are actually more references of it until the ride opens! So keep an eye on for any of them when you get to go on the ride and confirm it in an update!

    1. Frostysnowman

      My daughters absolutely love that movie. I’m not sure why. They will be excited about this!

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