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U.S. Tourism down, “Trump Slump” blamed

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Foreign tourist visits to the United States are already declining (and are predicted to continue to do so) as a result of President Donald Trump’s ban on travelers from select Muslim countries from entering the country.

Travel magazines and experts are saying a decline of 6.8% was immediately noticed right after the ban was announced.  The issue, experts say, is that while the ban is directed towards one group of travelers, it is having an effect on all foreign visitors.

“Experts across the travel industry are warning that masses of tourists are being scared away from visiting the United States, and the loss of tourism jobs could be devastating.” –Frommers.com


In the group targeted by Trump, numbers were down a shocking 80%.  The trend is expected to hurt the bottom line of tourism dependent businesses to the tune of billions of dollars and cause potential job loss in sectors that depend on foreign vacationers.  Figures already show that, in just the first week after the Trump Administration’s ban was announced, foreign business travel was down by $185 million.

Not only are jobs and tourism dollars at risk, but America’s reputation as an inviting “welcoming” destination to the eyes of foreign travelers.  Far too early to tell how deep the impact will be.  It can be assumed that smaller attractions and those depending heavily on foreign tourist dollars will be the worst affected.  Larger theme parks are likely to attempt to make up the difference by luring locals with deals and incentives.

Source: Frommers.com (citing other travel pundits: Travel Weekly and local tourism offices, especially in New York City)


  1. Ken Hutchinson

    Another reason is Brazil for example is essentially bankrupt. And unfortunately half of the countries in South America are behind in their debt payments to the World Bank. South America is realistically looking at a major (3 to 5 year) recession and market correction. And the obvious Trump isn’t helping things either.

    1. Rodrigo Barros

      Exactly. I understand everything is supposed to be Trump’s fault nowadays, but there is a world economic crisis going on…

  2. Jared

    Sigh. It’s not a “Muslim Ban”. If you are going to put a story front page on what is supposed to be about Disney Parks and other “fun” parks/entertainment around the world, at least try to get this right. The ban does impact majority Muslim nations, so if you want to say that, then fine.

    Overall, not sure why this is here, but it is your site, so publish what you want. If you want to make a blanket statement about tourism less than two months into a new presidency, then go ahead. But if foreign tourism picks up and doesn’t decrease “as predicated”, I expect to see a nice front page article showing a decent photo of the President of the United States commending him and his administration.

      1. Jared

        Chris, you provided a link to a video that occurred during the 2016 presidential campaign. Many things are said in a campaign but not realized or even done (see every politician that has ever lived).

        However, the executive order that this article is discussing is not banning just Muslims, but rather it is temporarily stopping anyone from those countries from entering the United States (temporary being another Key word that curiously gets left out of articles such as this one from the media). This is not a Muslim ban and your link is irrelevant.

    1. Kenneth

      There are decent photos of Trump?

      1. Jared

        Yes Kenneth there are. Now go troll somewhere else: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KCct4RwLNM

  3. Bill

    Couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Disney has raised their prices so much and so often that the place has become unaffordable to most Americans?

  4. Caleb

    Listen folks, some people are calling this travel ban a “Muslim Ban.” But that is just silly. The people who coined the phrase are people who have a biased hate against Trump and think that he hates Muslim people. If there is a temporary travel ban then obviously it will affect travel numbers temporarily. If it is true that people are getting scared off because of it it can only be because of the biased media outlets that are making it seem like America is going to become a fascist communist country under Trump. Which, by the way, is absolutely ridiculous. Travel bans have happened before! Obama was one of the presidents that did it before! Jimmy Carter was another that banned travel from Iran and even had people deported! Why? Because the situation was serious! The situation is serious now too because there are groups out there like ISIS and different ones that are serious about killing us. If you don’t think so then you need to look back at 9/11, the Paris attacks, the Orlando attack etc etc.

  5. TimP

    The people from countries that are supposedly banned are actually coming as quickly as their visa can be obtained. This was due to the court that decided to put a stay on Trump’s executive order. Trump hasn’t signed a new EO ban. The downturn in foreign tourism has nothing to do with the ban. Perhaps there should be more research on the subject. If people are reacting to Trump as President, it would be most ironic for having less people coming to America is actually a good thing.

  6. Chris

    For everyone here saying he never said ‘Muslim Ban’ he said this several times during his campaign. His use of language is specifically why the federal courts shot down the ban was partially due to his prior language making the ban unconstitutional. Don’t believe me? Here’s RECORDED proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viDffWUjcBA

  7. Greg

    Guess how France’s tourism is doing? Crappy. In that case, it’s because people are actually afraid to go there due to the numerous terrorist attacks, and the level of crime. The travel ban from dangerous countries is supposed to be protecting us from similar attacks, which should in theory not lead to the decline in tourism that France is experiencing. Secondly, to say people outside of the 7 Muslim countries targeted are afraid to come here is ridiculous. What are they afraid of? No, people from other countries may decline to come here as a statement or show of support for the Muslims. By the way, did you research how countries other than the US are doing with tourism right now? I already pointed out that France is way down. Could it be possible that other internationally tourism is down? And to finger Trump as the primary reason tourism is down here is irresponsible unless you conducted a poll or reference one to prove that.

  8. Jon

    How are they determining it’s down? One month is not enough time to make that kind of assertion with any form of accuracy. You can’t determine trends with such a small sample size.

  9. Kim

    This is why I’ll go to Orlandothemeparknews, and wdwmagic etc instead for my articles now. Why are you getting political insidethemagic??? Stop whining already. He’s the president so deal with it like an adult not like a stubborn child.

    1. Greg

      Agreed, I have had it with this site. There are so many more options out there to do not intentionally get political for more clicks. Are you that desparate ITM?

      1. Kenneth


  10. Otto

    On the other hand, Universal is breaking record after record earnings. Maybe opening fun rides is a way to lure vacationers to your parks.

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