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Disney releases new look inside Avatar Banshee Attraction

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Today Disney released another short clip of what we will see inside Pandora — The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This time we get a look at the virtual animation used in the AVATAR Flight of Passage attraction where guests will get to ride on the backs of banshees. My heart skipped a beat!



  1. Garaan

    too short Too Short TOO SHORT!!

    I know they’re playing things close to the vest till they open but the microscopic tidbits they’re leaking are /maddening/… Does anyone even know what the ride system for the Banshee ride is? Undoubtedly it’s some take off on Soarin’ tech, but unless they want microscopic throughput, they’re going to have to have ten people per banshee or something. Is it like the Tron cars and the people not in the front get to stare at the butt of the person in front of them for the whole ride? I wanna know the mechanical details!

  2. Captain

    The ride system is a cross between Soarin and Back to the future. The screen is Imax wrap around with the ride vehicle with shoulder harness and almost straight up and straight down range of motion.

  3. skydancer lan

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