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5 Things You Should Know About SeaWorld’s Seven Seas Food Festival

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SeaWorld Orlando‘s all-new Seven Seas Food Festival is in full swing.  The event is a foodie celebration of international coastal cuisine with offerings that emphasize Asian, Latin, European, Polynesian and Mediterranean flavors at 14 different booths throughout the park.


Running every Saturday until May 13, Seven Seas Food Festival features over fifty-five craft brews and sixty food items. It also has a great line-up of performers that bring a mix of concerts, comedy acts, and fun presentations each weekend. For those of you interested in heading out for this inaugural event, we thought we’d give you a head start and a few tips to make the most of your time and money.



Sea World has created the “Sampling Lanyard” for guests, and it is the way to go to get a fuller experience of the festival and save money. There is the choice of two lanyards. The first allows you to choose 10 items from the food and beverage kiosks, and it costs $40. The second covers 15 items for $55. Both offer incredible savings.

In general, the food samples are in the $6-$8 range. That means in some cases, you are saving almost 50% by purchasing the lanyard. For that reason, I strongly recommend that you do. If wise choices are made at the booths, this can be a very cost effective way to feed a family throughout the day. Look for the information tables set up in the park to purchase your lanyards and make your time in the park more easy and affordable.

Seven Seas Food Festival


Seven Seas Food Festival

The grand majority of food booths (or markets as they are called) are there throughout the full run of the event, but there are couple that are not. February 11-April 15 guests can enjoy the Crackling Pork Rinds (pork rinds), the Comfort Kitchen (bbq mac and cheese), and the Smokehouse Tavern (spare ribs, chicken, kielbasa, pulled pork). After April 15, those markets switch over to the Bacalaítos (salted codfish pancakes), the Frituras (empanadillas), and the Cocina Criollo (churrasco, roasted pork, skewered meats, fried plantains). So if you have a serious hankering for any of these particular items, you’ll need to pay attention to which weekend you attend. Otherwise you’ll be able to enjoy the following markets without concern for timing:

  • The Mexican Market
  • The Caribbean Market
  • The Florida Market
  • The Mediterranean Market
  • The North Atlantic Market
  • The Brazilian Market
  • The Pacific Coast Market
  • The Polynesian Island Market
  • The Gulf Coast Market
  • The Asian Market
  • The Korean Market

Full menus for all the food markets can be found HERE.


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