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VIDEO: Enjoy this interesting video essay on the art of editing animation

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Image Copyright Disney

Do you know the difference between how film editing works in live-action movies versus animated features? If not, you’re in luck: the probably-intentionally-pretentiously-named Royal Ocean Film Society‘s Andrew Saladino has put together a rather enlightening video essay on the fundamentals of the art.

A lot of this might be old news to anyone who has watched their share of behind-the-scenes featurettes or has even a basic grasp of how animation works, but it’s a well-put together piece nonetheless, and it will hopefully go a long way to help fans appreciate the hard work that goes into editing animation.


The Royal Ocean Film Society has been posting similar videos exploring a wide variety of cinematic topics on their YouTube page for almost a full year.

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  1. EricJ

    “Disney in the 1980″‘s–Yes, have to admit, I didn’t know they DID have Basil and Ratigan characters at the 1986 parks…

    (And only someone pretentiously named -would- try to bring “Fantastic Mr. Fox” into a real animation discussion.)

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