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Disney’s “A Merry Christmas Cookbook” perfect for family feasting fun!

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As the turkey coma clears and holiday decorations materialize around the neighborhood, the Christmas/Yuletide season kicks into full gear!  One happy highlight of this joyous time of year is the holiday party. For family feasting fun, Disney is an excellent choice for guiding the culinary Christmas experience.

ITM found this endearing cookbook to help with holiday planning, A Merry Christmas Cookbook, a winning selection when it comes to families with children who want to help in the preparation process. Recipes are designed with small helping hands in mind and are easy to follow. As a bonus, the 25+ recipe book includes a section for making food as gifts and even includes gift tags for just such a purpose.

Treat your taste buds to a feast of traditional holiday delights! With simple step-by-step instructions, helpful cooking tips, color photographs, and charming character art, this book is the perfect way for parents and children to make holiday magic in the kitchen! A rating system lets kids know how difficult the recipes are, and cooking tips are sprinkled throughout. Kids will enjoy making Rolly’s Spotted Cranberry Pancakes, Sugar Rush Popcorn Gumdrop Garland and Anna’s Frozen Ice Candy! – Amazon

image: Amazon.com
image: Amazon.com

With plenty of images, easy to follow family favorite recipes, and price of less than $10 (purchased on Amazon), A Merry Christmas Cookbook is the perfect primer for preparing those holiday happenings!


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