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Disneyland Resort to expand its security perimeter to the western border of Downtown Disney by the end of the year

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For the past fifteen years, the Disneyland Resort has incorporated heightened security measures at its entrances to ensure that all guests have a safe and happy visit to the parks. Now it seems as though the area encompassed by that secure zone will increase to include the resort’s popular outdoor shopping mall.

As reported by the Orange County Register, the western Disneyland security checkpoint (now located just outside the Main Entry Plaza between Disneyland and Disney California Adventure) will be relocated all the way to the border of the Downtown Disney District, near ESPN Zone and Earl of Sandwich. The change is expected to occur before the end of the year.

The Downtown Disney District ice skating rink, located between Earl of Sandwich and ESPN Zone.
The Downtown Disney District ice skating rink, located between Earl of Sandwich and ESPN Zone.

The new, much larger perimeter would include the Downtown Disney Monorail Station, which would eliminate the need for the existing security checkpoint at that location. Guests arriving at the Mickey and Friends parking structure would also pass through a checkpoint before boarding the tram that takes them to the resort.

Ideally this move will encourage guests to spend more time shopping and eating in Downtown Disney, as they won’t have to endure the hassle of re-entering through security every time they leave the parks.


  1. Adam

    I wonder how they will deal with the guests staying in the Californian?

    1. Charles Reinmuth

      Me too

  2. Sant Louis

    “Empire of Mouse” says the inclusion of Downtown Disney in the security area will create massive security breaches that Disney cannot adequately address by the end of the year.

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