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VIDEO: New FULL Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue ride at Shanghai Disneyland

in Disney, Shanghai Disneyland, Theme Parks

Go from zero to Space Ranger hero as you join Buzz Lightyear on an interactive galactic adventure to stop Star Command’s most wanted at Shanghai Disneyland.

During soft openings at Shanghai Disneyland, guests had the opportunity to experience the quite different Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue attraction located in Tomorrowland.

Thanks to Matt Finnemore (@mattfinnemore) for the video and pictures. Check out his YouTube channel for even more Shanghai Disneyland coverage.


  1. Josh

    I can’t understand a thing Buzz is saying. He might as well be speaking Chinese.

  2. Praba

    Does ITM compensate someone like @mattfinnemore when you use his video? It looks like this has simply been lifted and put on the ITM account. Why not just link to and embed his original video?

    1. Garvey

      While not speaking for this or any other website, as part of the YouTube terms of service, anything uploaded is fair use to anyone unless you change the share settings it to otherwise.

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