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Comcast seeks zoning approval for huge Universal Orlando Resort expansion

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Several months after purchasing a large piece of land — 474 acres of it near Universal Boulevard to be exact — Comcast is now formally seeking theme park zoning approval from Orange County in order to expand their Universal Orlando Resort.

Newly released documents show Comcast Corporation seeking approval to convert the undeveloped land, which was purchased for $130 million last year and amounts to roughly the size of four Magic Kingdom theme parks, according to News 13.

Currently, cow pastures and vacant farmland sits on the land, which is less than two miles down the road from the Orange County Convention Center, not far from I-Drive 360 and the Orlando Eye.

If the zoning is approved, the land could be used for a new park or parks, as well as hotels, resorts and shopping.

The move continues Universal’s momentum in Orlando, as revenues rise and visitors continue to flock to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

What exactly Comcast plans to do with the land remains unknown, but it continues an aggressive expansion by Universal Orlando with new water park Volcano Bay on the way and new rides such as Skull Island: Reign of Kong and Fast and Furious: Supercharged coming soon, as well as the refurbished and remodeled Incredible Hulk roller coaster.


  1. Romo Ruz

    Universal Studios ans Islands of Adv are wonderful parks, but it do not have what all Disney Parks have, MAGIC.
    Every single thing in WDW parks is grandious, huge, airy, clean, fabulous, organized and the Cast Members are always smiling and making sure you are having a great time. The costumes are very beautiful.
    Universal and Islands of Adv lack all of this. So many of the employees I interact with were rude, the park seems crowded with too many rides and stores in a small space. And there is no respect for lines, turns or your personal space. And the costumes looks like they had better days.
    Give me WDW parks any day.

    1. SorryNo

      Disney treats this workers like garage, Universal doesn’t. Don’t know what Magic they used to fool you, but Universal is better in every single way.

      1. Jared

        Obviously Disney could treat its workers better, but Universal is definitely no saint. Universal is controlled by one of the most money-hungry corporations in the world-Comcast. They pay their workers like s***, mostly part time, with far worse benefits than Disney, and they outsource far more than Disney. I fail to see you Universal treats its workers better.


      I am a Disney fan but i am sorry to say they are being outdone by Universal Studios. Lets start off with the lack of good rides at Disney. Epcot is a total mess, Animal Kingdom has two good rides. Disney keeps putting better rides in their other parks that do not attract as many people. We just stayed at Universal Island Pacific resort beautiful resort I took a walk over to the Cabana Bay resort which is priced in the same range as the Disney value resorts all star music, movie, and sports they are dumpy looking compared to the Cabana!

  2. CAA1000

    Where are we looking? International Drive South, towards Word Center Drive? That is… South of the SR 528 and north of the 417. That’s the biggest piece of land and is quite a big deal to NBC-Universal. However, what I find odd… How close to the Williamsburg and Hunters Creek subdivision will it be? Neighbors won’t be happy with it…

    1. Chris

      It’s not that far down… It’s just off of universal boulevard near the convention center


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