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Omni Expo Part Two – Costumes, Cars, and Marty McFly

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OTM had the pleasure of dropping in at the Omni Expo 3 (at the Double Tree across from Universal Studios in Orlando) this past weekend.  The popular pop-culture convention was well attended but not overcrowded – making for a very enjoyable and entertaining visit.
Omni Expo 2016 Part 1-48

Omni Expo 2016 Part 1-43

Omni Expo 2016 Part 1-51
During the weekend, guests had the opportunity to meet stars from Face-Off, voice actors (from Kingdom Hearts, Attack on Titan, Digimon, Power Rangers), Cosplay guests and expert impersonator (Marty McFly) Rob Sims (brief video).

Omni Expo 2016 Part 1-9

Other ‘stars’ included up close and photo op time with a few famous vehicles.  Thanks to Legends4Hire, Sims was on hand as Marty McFly, perched atop his time-travelling DeLorean.  Coulombe Enterprises made sure Jurassic Park was represented well (both dinosaur and service jeep). Of course, the Winchester boys would have been mighty proud of “Lilith – Back in Black” (Supernatural Replica Impala).

Omni Expo 2016 Part 1-3

Omni Expo 2016 Part 1-19

Omni Expo 2016 Part 1-17

Omni Expo 2016 Part 1-10

Omni Expo 2016 Part 1-11

Omni Expo 2016 Part 1-12

Omni Expo 2016 Part 1-16

While noted (and well attended) for its Anime track, Omni-Expo saw diversity in fandom (as evidenced by their costume contest and entertainment (including the Pleasure Pixels Vaudville – sorry, no photos were allowed, and Shinobi School – Parkour and Aerobatic combat show).  Winners in the costume contest included Steampunk elements, characters from Disney and The Hobbit, in addition to video game, comic book and anime representations.

Omni Expo 2016 Part 2-47

Omni Expo 2016 Part 2-16

Omni Expo 2016 Part 2-25

Omni Expo 2016 Part 2-58

Omni Expo 2016 Part 2-80


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