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Disney, Marvel promise to boycott production in Georgia if Religious Liberty Bill passes

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Oh Georgia — you done messed up, y’all.

Variety has just reported that The Walt Disney Co. and Marvel Studios have indicated opposition to a Georgia religious liberty bill pending before Gov. Nathan Deal. The massive corporation has stated that that they will take their business elsewhere “should any legislation allowing discriminatory practices be signed into state law.” This means Disney and Marvel would no longer contribute to the Georgia economy.

“Disney and Marvel are inclusive companies, and although we have had great experiences filming in Georgia, we will plan to take our business elsewhere should any legislation allowing discriminatory practices be signed into state law,” a Disney spokesman said on Wednesday. Georgia has become a production hub for filmmakers and various on-screen endeavors setting up shop. Marvel is currently shooting Guardians of the Galaxy 2 at Pinewood Studios outside Atlanta, and Captain America: Civil War shot there last summer.

“We are confident that Governor Deal will not allow a discriminatory bill to become law in Georgia,” said Vans Stevenson, MPAA senior vice president of state government affairs.

C’mon, Georgia! Get it together — it’s better on this side of the fence.

How do you folks feel about this? Keep it classy, but let me know what you think in the comments below.


  1. Thomas

    What is discriminating about the bill? Please provide some details. The article may have a valid point but just saying “its better on this side of the fence” is weak.

    1. EricJ

      Georgia, and other states, want to rally behind that obnoxious showoff clerk who refused to marry gay couples, and turn it into a Big Law You Can’t Argue With, So There. (And then hope the other states pick on them, so they can cry that “It’s war for our culture, gays are taking over the country!”)
      Still doesn’t excuse them trampling on non-discriminatory Constitutional amendments.

      “The fence” only means that the state’s going to be shut out of every other major company’s boycott, if the governor doesn’t clean up the state’s act and choose commerce over red-state zealotry.

      1. Rob

        Or left wing lunacy. Depending upon how you look at it.

      2. Jonathan

        It’s really sad that Disney feels that they need to be involved with state politics like this. Seriously, making a statement like this is simply going to serve to alienate many of the people who would be going to see their movies.

        1. Mark

          Companies stand for ideals. They are run by people. They should be involved in state policies when it is for the betterment of the people. It’s not like they’re buying out politicians, they’re just stating they won’t shoot in a place that supports institutionalized discrimination.

      3. Lucy

        Your wrong. They want to allow businesses to have a say in their fracking business period,. If they do not want to serve someone they have that right. No one paid for the business but them and no one can tell another what to say or do. They made a business so they have the right to do what they want. If people don’t like it they can go elsewhere but no one has the right to tell another how to run their business. Oh and I am not religious I hate the hypocrites but I do believe if you create a business it is yours and no one can tell you what to do with it. These groups arfe making themselves targets by throwing their chit in others faces and will get what they ask for thats the sad part of this. Owners losing their say in their businesses and members of these groups will suffer because some of their kind are being retarded.

    2. Lucy

      Also this bill is about churches I was just told. They want to have the right to deny doing same sex marriages. Again I am not religious but if a church wants to say no to it then they have that right and the government has no say in what the church does.

  2. Daniel

    I’m usually against corporate pressure against government because it often leads to bad policies/corruption but if Disney is going to put on some pressure against something xenophobic and unconstitutional, more power to them.

    1. Rob

      The constitution protects the expression of religion. It is disney who wants to violate the constitution and the right to express religion as long as there is no physical harm involved. It is none of their business.

      1. Megan

        Religious freedom does not mean you can discrimate and exclude others. This bill would allow anyone to discriminate and then tell the courts “Jesus told me to kick that gay kid outta boy scouts! Herpderp.”

      2. EricJ

        It also has a 14th Amendment, specifically prohibiting private individuals or state agencies denying rights already granted by the state or Federal laws.
        Sorry, got it covered.

      3. Lucy

        Rob I agree with you 100%. Disney can take their crap to another state if they don’t like the laws of 1 state. But to tell that state do as I say is bull. If someone doesn’t like a movie they dont see it same with church’s and businesses. If a church doesn’t want to marry same sex people then the morons can go elsewhere. They have no right to demand a church marry then thats bull. Also a business has the right to deny someone and if they do that person has the right to go elsewhere. No one paid for that business so no one can tell the business what to do. Now like with movie companies if people don’t buy tickets they lose money so will the business that turns people away as will churches but that is their decision and can not be trampled upon. People need to STFU and get off the PC/SJW/BLM bull shit and get a life of their own. Leave others to live as they choose and run their businesses as they choose. They are mature enough to know if they turn away they lose customers/parishioners/money but that is their decision this law should never of been needed but stupid aka PC/SJW/BLM come out of the wood and make the need necessary.

    2. mark

      Not Unconstitutional! freedom of religion is what this country is based on. When the Supreme Court made its decision on the gay marriage issue, they said right then that It would not make pastors and churches violate their religious beliefs by conducting marriages for gay couples

      1. mark

        The courts approved it, go to your local justice and get married.

  3. Wendy

    As a Georgia resident and a member of the LGBT community, I am thankful for Disney’s support!

  4. Rob

    Disney has become more known for their greed and left wing agendas now versus a “family” company and place to visit.

    Here is yet another example.

    What the hell are they getting involved with this to begin with?

    1. Kim

      Grow up, Rob. Without gay people, there would be no entertainment industry.

      1. Larry

        I agree, Kim. Gay people do everything straight people do, and like anyone else should be protected from discrimination. But churches have the right to refuse or include according to their own beliefs, whether it’s marriage, membership, etc. They are not necessary for anyone’s life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness, so if one won’t do what a person wants, that person can find or create another. Still, I haven’t seen if this means that, for instance, The Catholic Church would be forced by law, if not protected by the bill, to perform gay marriages. If this is the case, then shame on the militants who are out for revenge and a fight rather than freedom for all. The article is lacking in any real detail, so from it we are going on very little. And the anti-gay bakeries, or other businesses? You can’t force people to think a certain way. Personally, I think it is oppressive to try and force individual churches to do things against their beliefs. But things that are part of their long-held beliefs. But if I have a business and someone asks for me to make my product more expressive of their gay lifestyle (not including anyting untoward, of course) I would certainly do it, and gladly. It would be against my interpretation of my Catholic faith to discriminate against or judge people. Besides, who runs a business that turns away business? And what, by the way, makes a wedding cake gay? A statuette of two men or women on top? This is a big deal? Goodness! Be nice, everyone!

    2. jo

      agreed! And why do they hate Christians so much? What are they afraid of??

      1. Wow

        Disagreed! And why do you hate gays so much? What are you afraid of??

    3. Chris

      Money is free speach and corporations are people now.

    4. Tina

      I AGREE !!!!!!!!!

  5. Keli

    Way to go Disney and Marvel!! Good for you.

  6. jo

    How is this a bad bill? it is allowing one of our constitutional rights to be used, Freedom of religion. Why should Pastors be forced to do what is against their belief? how is that not just as discriminatory why should they be forced to do this, there are plenty of state officials, and even some new age churches who are totally OK with performing these marriages, so why should anyone be denied their right to believe as they chose just to please one group of people? stop making The Christians out to be wrong..let them have rights too..your all about rights, but who is standing up for Christians rights? no one..shouldn’t they have rights of freedom also or are you so afraid of Christians you nee to rob them of all rights like some 3rd world country? Grow up Disney/Marvel your shaming yourselves..your feeding into the predigests hype just as much as the rest of the fools out there!

    1. Marie P

      Pastors would NOT be forced to perform marriages that violate their religious beliefs. Stop lying.

    2. NicoleC

      Let’s explore why this is a bad bill by turning the scenario around. Suppose you are in a rural Georgia town and you’re getting married, but the only photographer within a 50 mile radius uses their rights under this religious freedom bill to deny you services because you are an evangelical Christian. You don’t get photos of your wedding to show your kids and grandkids because no one wanted your business. Now extend that to more basic needs. How about the only mechanic in 50 miles? The only grocery store? The only cardiologist? The only plumber? Every business in town has chosen not to provide service to you because you are an evangelical Christian married to a member of the opposite gender and they don’t believe in your way of life. Their beliefs trump your right to exist! You may be forced to move from the town, or even from the state if you can’t obtain the basic necessities. Wouldn’t that be a violation of your constitutional rights? Can you please try to see things from someone else’s perspective? The only plumber within 50 miles shouldn’t be able to refuse service to an interracial couple just because he doesn’t believe in interracial marriage, should he? Why should he get to refuse service to a same-sex couple?

      1. GC

        So if these people just decide to close their businesses instead due to their religious beliefs, then you’re still without a plumber, grocer, doctor, etc….

      2. Texan

        I think private companies should have the right to serve or not serve whomever they choose. No group should cram their beliefs down anyone else’s throat be it religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation etc.

        1. Anonymous

          When I go to the grocery store or a mechanic or whatever, it’s to get things done, not shove my lesbianism down anybody’s throat.

    3. Kenn

      This isn’t about saving the right of Christians, this is about every single person having the same right and not being discriminated against. As an adult gay man I shouldn’t have to fear that if I need surgery or medical attention that a doctor could refuse to help me do to his religious beliefs. Beliefs that, I may add, only teach about love, tolerance, and acceptance of others and not hate. Also, if this was to be passed then where does it stop? First the LGBTQ community, then other religions, other ethnicities, nationalities……it will lead to a never ending spiral of fear and hatred, not to mention set this country back over 100 years. This is the new Jim Crow laws!!!!!

  7. Rob

    What dumb yolks don’t realize is that Freedom of Religion solely gives you the right to believe what you wish – that’s it. It does not ensure that your ‘divine bigotry’ allows you to discriminate against others. So feel free to believe in the unicorn in the sky should you wish, but once you begin to violate human rights and discriminate, you lose.

    Typical rednecks. They never get it. They’re always on the wrong side of history.

    1. Ani

      You win the Internet today, sir.

  8. Josh

    Super annoying. In a world full of dreariness, Inside the Magic is where I go to get away from politics and news, and have fun and enjoy life and the fantasy of interactive entertainment. The last thing I want to see is political opinion. I can get that literally everywhere else.

    1. mark

      Hey, same with Disney. Disney is a family entertainment company, we want to be entertained, stay out of politics Disney!

  9. dave

    The way people assume southerners are all idiotic country bumpkins really gets under my skin “y’all”….

  10. Kathleen

    I don’t understand why it is called “The Religious Freedom” bill. We already have religious freedom guaranteed by the Constitution. This is a “Freedom to Discriminate” bill, and it flies in the face of the equal rights given to all citizens. What happened to tolorsnce, a precept in most every religion I know of. These people pushing for the passage of this bill aren’t any “Christians” that I want to know.

  11. Harvey

    I don’t care if you want to marry the same sex, a different sex, or an alien from another world. Your life your choice, but the problem here is that a company, any company, should not be allowed to use its financial power to determine laws. If Disney is allowed to control this law which it may be agreed or disagreed is wrong, then what is to stop Apple from forcing other states to only allow internet access to their devices or worse. No company should be allowed this much power.

    1. EricJ

      What is to stop them?…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. 🙂
      That’s the thing, y’see: A private-sector commercial company is under no obligation to sell or not sell its product or conduct business wherever it sees fit. Unlike, say, a city government or clerk’s office, which -IS- legally bound to serve its clients without discrimination or personal complaint.

      So, if you live in an unpopular state that private companies do not want to do business with for reasons of conscience, you can either A) move, or B) help make your state a little more popular.

    2. S. R.

      Disney isnt controlling the government here. Disney is refusing service based on their company’s beliefs- much like company’s would be able to do to citizens if this bill was passed…

      1. EricJ

        And if it seems like Disney is “carpetbagging” on Georgia’s beliefs, would be more acceptable that Atlanta-based Coca-Cola and Home Depot have also protested their commercial beliefs against the state bill?

  12. Rufus

    That’s gay!

  13. Greg

    As a Christian, I am so tired of people on one side of the aisle claiming Christians HATE or FEAR gays because we do not agree with their lifestyle. I may not agree with my grown son’s life choices either, but that doesn’t mean I hate him. It is a a ridiculous leap of logic, only used to inflame the situation. Grow up. The difference is, my son does not expect me to endorse or embrace his life choices, but the LGBT community wants everyone to embrace their lifestyle. That is their ultimate agenda. Christians should embrace gay individuals and help them with their faith walk.

    I do not know the details of the GA bill, but I don’t think anyone should be forced to participate in an official ceremony (wedding) in any way, if it goes against their religion. That would be photographers, bakers or pastors or churches. We have already seen lawsuits in those situations, which in some cases has forced people out of business. I believe this law is intended to protect people from that. I am against discrimination for any other services, based on sexual orientation, such as medical, car repairs, etc, and if this law can be applied to that, then I think it may go too far.

    On the other hand, shouldn’t a private business have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason – and accordingly suffer the consequences – like going out of business if it comes to that?

    I find it ironic that Disney is threatening to “refuse business” to GA because they are considering passing a law that could allow others to “refuse business.”

    It’s also ironic that the “Tolerant” side of the coin is the one that always resorts to name calling in threads like this.

    Lastly, how come no one ever mentions the Muslim religion in these conversations, but always puts this solely on Christians? I have seen secret videos going to Muslim bakeries here in our country, asking for a gay wedding cake, and almost every one refused to make it. Not to mention that gays in Muslim countries are dealt with very harshly, including death. In that case, it is hate. Why isn’t that the focus of the LGBT community?

    1. EricJ

      Or, as Disney fans say, whenever the “Sure, but these people are WORSE, why don’t you go after THEM?” card is brought out, “What about the Brazilians??” 😉

      1. Greg

        So then why don’t you?

        1. EricJ

          Like your third-grade teacher used to say, “We’re not TALKING about what ‘the other kids in class did’, we’re talking about what YOU did…”

          1. Greg

            In other words, you don’t have an answer. That’s what I thought. No one on the left ever does for that question.

    2. tom

      you sound like a shitty parent

  14. Greg

    Tom, thanks for making my point with the name calling. I assume you agree with everything your children or anyone else you are related to does and support them in it. And you never punished your children for behavior issues. I’m sure they turned out well. (at least by your standards)

  15. Mitchell

    How is it that Disney has no problem building parks in Communist China, which is known to still commit many atrocities against it’s own citizens, but is willing to pull out of Georgia for something seemingly far less alarming, in terms of human rights abuse. Seems awfully hypocritical to me.

  16. Bunny Bunkerson

    Love the hypocrites here saying Disney should shut up because Georgia’s business have a right to make their own decisions.

    HELLO? Isn’t Disney a business that’s allowed to make its own decisions too?

    >>>MIC DROP<<<

    Later, crybabies!

    1. Greg

      Huh, yeah, they do, so why shouldn’t ALL businesses have that right?

      >>>MIC DROP<<<

      More name calling. Nice. Are there any adults on here or what?

  17. Andy

    I stand with the governor and the state of Georgia. Maybe Florida will do the same thing and Disney will pull out of Florida. That would be awesome.

  18. Brian

    I have an idea! How about we let these businesses discriminate against whoever that want, but with a catch: they must make it public knowledge. If you decide you don’t want to serve homosexuals, you must put a big poster in front of your business that says “NO GAYS”. From there, we’ll let the public hurt them where it really matters- their wallets and purses.

  19. RR

    I live in a community not 5 minutes away from Pinewood Studios. THIS company has brought to our community a huge shot in the arm for the economy here. The Disney / Marvel franchise has been a huge part of that studio’s business. So we are grateful to see all the jobs and lives it has touched in the area. I am a Christian and hold to my beliefs. However I do have some gay friends as well. Now these “friends” do not flaunt their “life style” (if that is even the right choice of words) on me. They know my “life style” and know that I am a Christian and know what I stand for. I think too many people make it into that type of situation.

    That being said, I worry honestly more constitutionally what the bill is possibly doing. The rights of ALL PEOPLE should be protected. Not singling out one group or another. A private business owner should not be forced to do business with someone because the government forces them too. Understand the bill has NO IMPACT on governmental agencies. If someone walked into the courthouse to get married and the person doing the ceremony doesn’t want to do it, then let someone else in the office do it. You can’t block access on government grounds based on “Your Beliefs”. No one else available in that office even on another day… then it is is your job under state and federal law to perform. You made the choice to work there didn’t you. I also understand the persons post about not having a photographer within a 50 mile radius for a wedding. Honestly, that is why you don’t see many LGBT people in rural settings. Again it is a choice you make.

    The constitution is to protect the rights of all people and should not single out any particular person based on ANY class.

    So I honestly have mixed emotions on this. I also agree even after this long post… “Inside The Magic” was and is an escape for me. I know it is Disney related. But really don’t want to see politics here.

    1. mark

      On that note, we miss you Ricky please do some new podcasts!

  20. EricJ

    Calm down, the Governor cancelled the bill–
    And don’t worry, it wasn’t Disney, Coke or Time-Warner that did it….It was the SUPER BOWL. 🙂
    Sports will always win out in the end.

  21. Stacie Moore

    I guess my question is… what gay person is going to ask a clergy to marry them? If you’re gay, and you go to church, you should KNOW what your church’s position is on the lifestyle and marriage situation. Just because a law says you can marry, if your church doesn’t agree with it and you want to do it, then maybe you should find a new church? People clearly haven’t READ this law… Here’s a link if you’re curious.
    I personally think the whole thing is stupid.

  22. Stacie Moore

    If a minister works for the courthouse, which is the only other place a person can legally get married, then maybe they should rethink their choice of job.

    This is what the bill actually says…
    (a) No minister of the gospel or cleric or religious practitioner ordained or authorized to
    16 solemnize marriages, perform rites, or administer sacraments according to the usages of the
    17 denomination, when acting in his or her official religious capacity, shall be required to
    18 solemnize any marriage, perform any rite, or administer any sacrament in violation of his
    19 or her right to free exercise of religion under the Constitution of this state or of the United
    20 States.

  23. Daniel sami

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