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VIDEO: Epcot’s “Frozen Ever After” expansion is getting huge!

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or a giant chunk of ice), you know that Epcot is revising its Norway pavilion in the World Showcase and opening a Frozen-themed section. What you maybe didn’t know is how quickly it’s coming along, or how large it actually is. This baby extends a few hundred yards to the left of the original Norway pavilion.

Don’t believe us? Check out our video of the  below:

The opening of “Frozen Ever After” is rumored for May 1, 2016 and we can’t wait to dive into the world of Arendelle…despite how much we miss the Malestrom ride. In the meantime, here are some pictures of the construction to tide you over:











  1. Xander Cornelius

    I wouldn’t say its a Frozen-themed section. Its Norway themed section where you can meet characters from Frozen. Its a difference 🙂 People are gonna expect it to be straight out of the movie.. but its not. Its straight out of the country 🙂 cant wait for it to open tho! 🙂

    1. EricJ

      It’s not a “Frozen section” (like Armchair fanboys begged them to make)–There’s a ride, and what looks like a nice camouflaged Anna & Elsa meet area (like Aladdin’s meet area was neatly hidden in Morocco), but from the concept art, the Norway area itself is going to look more architecturally “true Norway” and less tourist Viking/trolls.

      I’m just hoping to see just how well they DO camouflage The Evil Movie behind closed doors, so we don’t have to be reminded of it when we pass by. 😉

  2. Mike

    Ummm… you make it sound like the ride is getting bigger than Maelstrom… it’s not. The new ride is using the same path and space as the Maelstrom ride.

    What’s being added on is authentic-replica Norwegian traditional buildings that will house a huge Anna and Elsa meet & greet (many rooms, one line and lobby). All the facades will be historically authentic. The indoor parts will be from Frozen, which is inspired by historically authentic Norwegian architecture.

    Back stage will be infested with Annas and Elsas.

    1. Heather

      infested with Annas and Elsas

  3. Disneynut

    Loved frozen. Great songs. Looking forward to the ride. Hated maelstrom. Worst ride in all of Disney. Second is in the Mexico bldg. so lame. It was ok for the 1980’s but not now. I rode it once and truly was bored. I am a DVC member and have been to WDW like 60 times since 1977. Rode it once.

  4. Bill

    I haven’t seen Frozen. The trailers made the film look terrible. And I don’t think it’s just me. Frozen seems like an incredibly polarizing film. Why would Disney invest so much on an attraction that they know will be so unwelcome by a very large percentage of guests?

    1. EricJ

      Like Stitch’s Great Escape, and Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, it’s the attack of the Armchair Imagineers: 🙂
      The fans who are so in love with the park, that, like most fans, they want to BE the object of their love, and write in with new park ideas–Unfortunately most of the Armchairs seem to be physically unable to think up any new ideas outside A) a rollercoaster, or B) a dark-ride based on the current in-movie theater, while it’s hot…But where would they put it? C) What if they TOTALLY REHABBED some old existing ride, which is like getting so old and dusty and nobody ever likes it anymore, so there! Not just a ride, but maybe if they turned the whole Norway area into the kingdom of Arendelle?

      Usually, Disney can look at none of these ideas, for legal reasons, and they go straight into the trash bin. But when an idea like Star Wars Land or Stitch’s Great Escape starts escaping past “Fan urban legend” and all the Screamscape rumor-mill sites can talk about is “C’mon, Disney, we know you’re working on it, so when are you going to announce it?”, as if it was already on the table, real-WDI either misinterprets it as public demand, or just falls victim to the hypnosis that they ARE working on it.
      And I can’t speak for Star Wars Launch Bay or Pandora: World of Avatar, but I can say that so far, every attraction we’ve gotten that began its life as Armchair fan-campaigns has royally stunk….That’s why the Imagineers work for the company and the fans don’t.
      To the real Imagineers’ credit, I admire their restraint in keeping Norway as Norway, and Arendelle behind the walls.

      (And as for Frozen: the movie, it’s not bad-bad like Good Dinosaur, but it’s not good-good coming in after Wreck-It Ralph and Tangled…More like watching Beauty & the Beast AFTER Aladdin, and wondering what all the fan-love hoo-hah was about.)

      1. Steve

        You are making some very lofty, unfounded, accusations here.

        What attractions are you suggesting were the result of “armchair fan boys”? Your claim at having some insider knowledge, yet lack of detail, invalidates your point.

        1. EricJ

          I mentioned Stitch’s Great Escape (which Screamscape so wanted to “make” happen, they actually posted an Emporium window of Ex.626 as “Concept art!” of the attraction months ahead), and Star Wars Land, didn’t that pretty much sum it up? Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor also came rather suspiciously QUICKLY after Timekeeper’s new vacancy at Tomorrowland caused the usual fan-flood of “Great, can we build that Monsters Inc. Door Coaster now? :)” (And the same jokes for fifteen years of “Uh, yes, it was a cool movie scene, but how exactly are we supposed to ride a door, besides clinging to it like they did?”)

          When that first rumor-leak of New Fantasyland hit the Internet, those of us annoyed by the usual rumor-mills laughed ourselves silly at it, as it sounded like every single hilarious Armchair-fanboy cliche’ rumor ever written–EVER WRITTEN–and mushed into one great ultimate pile:
          “I hear they’re going to build a whole Beauty & the Beast land, with the Beast’s castle, and a new restaurant in the golden ballroom!” “Right next to the area where we get Gaston’s tavern, with real antlers, and they’re going to build Rapunzel’s tower!” “Guys, I heard they’re going to tear down Snow White’s Scary Adventures, which nobody likes anyway, and turn into a big Mine Train Coaster E-ride!” 🙂
          Go back and look at the YouTube: When the park CEO came onstage at the D23 and said, “Okay, you’ve been hearing some rumors…”, you can hear the more sane fans in the crowd murmur, “Oh yeah, here it comes, show no mercy…”–And the big reaction after “They’re all TRUE” was both a good and bad explosion of “Oh, f—, NO!!!”

          Which was pretty much our response when they announced they really were building Frozen-strom after all.
          Including the part afterward where the paid Imagineers showed their concept design, and we conceded, “Okay, whew, THAT restaurant/E-ride/area we could see actually working.”

    2. Woody

      It’s the highest grossing animated movie of all time, and in no way has it been a polarizing film (89% positive on Rotten Tomatoes). It’s a gargantuan success in every sense.

      1. EricJ

        “Not polarizing”…unless you’re a big dumb, old, and/or despicable male. 🙂
        (Which baiting Tangled and Ralph were never accused of.)

  5. Jeany Sanchez

    Awesome! I can’t wait to ride it in Nov 2016!

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