The Empire Strips Back – Feel the Force with this VERY Adult Parody/Tribute Burlesque show

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Leading viewers on path down the dark side, an Australian burlesque show featuring movie quality costumes and props is blazing its way across the galaxy and the internet with more entertainment than even Jabba the Hutt can deliver.

Viewer discretion is advised.

the Empire Strips Back Slave Lea

the Empire Strips Back troopers
What began as a one-time attempt at an alternative geeky simple burlesque show is now an international sensation.  Sellout crowds and then full house of an expanded show run eventually prompted to the show’s creators, Kobayashi Inc.,  to learn more about the force they created.

After a brief hiatus to beef up the show, costumes and effects, The Empire Strips back has been causing a great “disturbance” in the force ever since.  Enjoyed equally be men and women the high-energy escapade entertains with delightful blend of comedy and striptease.  To catch this sci-fi fantasy, you may need to find a fast ship as the show is currently on tour in Australia through the end of February with only three remaining stops in Newcastle, Sydney and Canberra.



The Empire Strips Back 1

That’s no moon, it’s a Playboy parody! In crafting their sensation of sensuality and comedy, Kobayahsi continued to the space spoof to the next level.  Wookiee Rotica was crafted in the style of classic 1970’s Playboy magazines with spot on stories, interviews, comics and photo features.  No need to gather the bounty hunters, this 116 page product is only a mouse click away on the Kobayashi website.

Wookee CoverWookee back

Wookee pages 2

Images from, and more information can be found at the Empire Strips Back website.

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