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Lucasfilm, the company behind “Star Wars”, is hiring for several departments

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Ever dreamed of working for Star Wars?

Well now’s the perfect opportunity! Lucasfilm, based out of San Francisco, is officially hiring. You may have heard of them — they’re only the studio known for creating the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, as well as being the leading developer for special effects and computer animation.

The structure of the company has several different fields:

  • Industrial Light & Magic — visual effects
  • Skywalker Sound — post-production sound design
  • LucasArts Entertainment Company, LLC – video games
  • Lucasfilm Animation Ltd. LLC — animation
    • Lucasfilm Animation Singapore
  • Lucas Licensing — licensing and merchandising
    • Lucas Books
  • Lucas Online — websites
  • Lucasfilm Story Group

Pretty cool, huh? With the company creating a new Star Wars movie every year with plans on multiple spinoffs, reboots, and prequels, it’s no wonder they are looking to stock up on the best talent from around the globe. Lucasfilm had the following to say on their website.

We’re in the business of telling great stories and making magic. We produce really cool films, video games, television programming, and ultimate theme park ride experiences. We create amazing visual effects and sound design. We market, distribute and license our products and services around the world. We’re constantly striving to push the envelope and work with the best talent in the industry.

The Lucas companies include Lucasfilm, Lucasfilm Animation, Industrial Light & Magic, Skywalker Sound, and ILMxLab. Lucasfilm and Lucasfilm Animation are located in San Francisco’s historic Presidio National Park. Industrial Light & Magic has Studios in San Francisco (also in the Presidio), Singapore, Vancouver, and London. ILMxLab was recently announced and will be initially based at LDAC in San Francisco. Skywalker Sound is located just north of San Francisco in the hills of Marin County.

If you are interested in a dream job with LucasFilm and the savant geniuses behind Star Wars, you’d do well to click here. Do you think you have what it takes? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Connor Kiel

    I have been taking a filmmaking major in college for several years. From 2014-Now and still going. I will be getting bachelor’s degree next spring when I transfer to my university. I enjoy all methods of filmmaking which goes from camera operating, editing, writing, and so on. I have not picked one particular field the I consider to be my favorite since I want to get some hands on experience with all types to see which suits me the best. I have been enjoying the filmmakeing path since high school and have been writing several scripts of my own over time. One other reason why I want to follow this path is to have the opportunity to travel more. Thank you for the opportunity, please contact me again some time in the future. Thanks

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