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Universal Orlando Update: Disaster closing, Halloween Horror Nights moves in, Lucy: A Tribute moves out

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The Universal Orlando Resort is no stranger to moving on…
When announcing the permanent closure of Disaster!, they’ve given one of the few remaining opening day attractions a literal two week eviction notice. Though it’s had its tweaks and partial re-theming since it’s Earthquake days, the “Major Motion Picture Starring You” remained relatively the same. On September 8th, Lonnie will cast the final actors and actresses for the great Frank Kincaid feature film, “Disaster!” The new, forthcoming attraction will be based on The Fast & The Furious franchise, with the surrounding theme of San Francisco also tying into the new attraction. Its expected to open sometime in 2017.

Today, lets take a walk around Universal Studios to see some of the changes and additions as Halloween Horror Nights moves in, while Lucy: A Tribute moves out.


Only two weeks left to experience the greatest masterpiece that never saw the silver screen. Disaster! “A Major Motion Picture Starring You” closes permanently on September 8th, 2015


Also announced with the addition of The Fast & The Furious attraction, the closure of Beetlejuice Graveyard Review will happen at some point in late 2015. This show has had a few name chances over the years since its debut in 1992.

The third party Magic Shop at Universal Studios has also seen its last scheduled day of operation, Wednesday August 26th. The sister location in Universal’s Islands of Adventure previous closed several months back. No current announcements on what will become of this space once its vacated.

Lucy: A Tribute also unceremoniously closed down, with no advance warning, to make way for the Hello Kitty store. Few remnants remain on the exterior, as the interior is already stripped to its framework.





If you loved Lucy, this is all that remains; a few posters in the windows and “LT” on the window awnings. No word if this walkthrough exhibit will return, but all signs point to permanent closure.


The Betty Boop themed superstore has also closed; it was adjacent to the Lucy: A Tribue. However, Betty has found a new home just up Hollywood Blvd.



The Darkroom now houses a miniaturized collection of merchandise, all specific to Betty Boop.




Hollywood Blvd is starting to get dressed up for this years Halloween Horror Nights.






Moving up Hollywood Blvd, the area next to the Garden of Allah Villas/NBC Media Center is also showing signs of Halloween.








As we roundup this photo update, you can see that some décor and elements are making their way all around the streets of New York. Halloween Horror Nights begin on September 18th, and runs through November 1st. Keep following insidethemagic.net for more Universal Orlando updates as these spectacular changes take place over the coming months and years.


  1. Ptpgrad

    Sad to see Lucy and the magic shop go away with out much warning. I had wanted to stop in again this December, but it is not to be.

  2. EricJ

    We know what’s taking over all the Disney Studios closings, but all those closings that aren’t next to the F&F attraction don’t seem to have any larger scheme in the works.
    Looks like what Universal needs is something to compete with Harry Potter…oh, wait. 😉

  3. Caitlynn

    I’m still so upset with the closure of Lucy. I know the place was mostly vacant, but I’m such a fan of her and I would spend forever watching the tribute video, reading the trivia, and playing the extremely outdated video game. With that being said, I didn’t know Hello Kitty was still relevant, so I’m wondering how much of a step up this will be.

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