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PHOTOS: Take a look at the expansion of the “World of Disney” store at Walt Disney World

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With so many changes happening to Downtown Disney as it transforms into Disney Springs, it’s hard to keep tabs on everything. One noticeable transformation that’s been ongoing is the expansion of the ‘World Of Disney’ located in the Marketplace District.

This is one of the largest Disney branded merchandise stores in the world, and it’s getting even bigger. There’s been no word on what specifics will fill the new areas of growth, but what is known is that noticeable changes have been occurring indoors, not solely on the exterior.

When entering the store, previously in the center forum stood a central merchandise display, topped with a large-scale model of Cinderella Castle. That display has been removed, leaving a vacant yet more open comfortable hole to help with guest flow.


In the same area, you’ll also notice that the ornate larger than life figurines have also been removed from the ceiling.



For now, the floating Disney characters still reside in other areas of the store.


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Finding yourself in the current/former jewelry room that had a theming overlay to the Disney Villains, changes here are also noticeable. Gone are the ticking crocks that adorned the back wall, now there’s a temporary façade up which is creating the border between the old and the upcoming expansion.



Moving towards the Disney Princess room, another large merchandise display has vanished. In this open area, a large Genie figure from Aladdin stood prominently for years and years. Most famously, during the holidays he would be adorned with a large santa coat and hat, providing an impromptu photo op for visiting guests.


Once in the princess room, you’ll notice some velvet curtains hung across the ceiling. These address the temporary walls set up to hide even more expansion just on the other side.


Even though the growth of the store has affected some areas, the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and Disney Princess wall seemed completely intact and unaltered; one of the few areas in the store that still hasn’t seen any change.



As always, keep following Inside The Magic for more updates on the current transformative state of Downtown Disney into Disney Springs.


  1. Marla

    We were just there. I really do not like the centralized checkout. It is less magical, and more bulk store.

    1. Frostysnowman

      I agree. But one thing I do like is restrooms being accessible from inside the store again.

  2. Heather

    They really know how to take the magic out of things, even the largest Disney store in the world. Even now, having a new job and everything, this store continued to haunt me and piss me off. They took all the magic away. The stores theme was characters flying in to see us, now the characters are gone. The castle, lumiere and genie are all gone now too. The only things left that are magical is the magic mirror and the boutique in the princess room. The mirror is gone and the boutique is moving. The checkout is not made for communication and magic, but the efficacy of walmart. If I wanted to work at walmart, I’d have went back to my old job, but I didn’t. I wanted to work at Disney. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in this place. I love my cp, loved working for the Disney company and loved the perks, but I hated that store.

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