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Disney breaking that $100 ticket barrier with raise on all US Disney park tickets

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Regular visitors of both Disney World and Disneyland Resort should be prepared to pay a little bit more for a chance to hang with Mickey as all US Disney parks will significantly raise prices for its parks tomorrow, Sunday 2/22. The biggest change will be that a one day ticket to Magic Kingdom in Orlando, FL will now be over $100, a significant price barrier for most people.

Increases affect all ticket options and another significant change is that the No-Expiration option on Magic Your Way multi-day tickets, that is offered at Disney World, will no longer be available.

Here is a list of the upcoming changes. All prices are listed without tax.

Walt Disney World Resort

Single Day Ticket, Magic Kingdom: $105 up from $99

Single Day Ticket, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom: $97 up from $94

Park Hopper option for Single Day Ticket: $50 up from $35

Magic Your Way Multi-Day Tickets: All options will increase by $1-2 per day. No Expiration option no longer available. Park Hopper option on multi-day tickets will have an increase of about $4.

Water Parks: $58 up from $53 for ages 10 and up, $50 up from $45 for ages 3-9

Annual Passes: $654 up from $634, Premium Annual Pass $779 up from $754

Florida Resident Tickets Annual Pass: $529 up from $485, Premium Annual Pass $649 up from $605, Seasonal Pass $329 up from $319

Disneyland Resort

Single Day Ticket: $99 up from $96

Park Hopper option for Single Day Ticket: $56 up from $54

Premium Annual Pass: $779 up from $699



  1. Dean

    the lines are hours long, the parks need to be bigger or limit the amount of people entering the park. Walt would be pissed if he saw how this company is being run. I’ll be skipping it next year and keep my thousand dollars!

    1. Rusty

      I’m taking 2015 OFF. I went twice in 2014 and saw nothing but ‘walls’ and construction and ignorant cast members who were not up to 2013’s standards.

      Their strategy boggles the mind.

  2. Rafael

    Meanwhile, Tokyo Disneyland sits at 54$. For me as a foreign visitor, if those prices still go up I might be interested going somewhere else. If the problem is the amount of people that is going to the parks, reduce the maximum capacity. But right now it is all about the money. Sad being a huge Disney World fan.

  3. Kat Maz

    Theres got to be a better way to keep the visitor numbers down without raising the prices. Why not a *book only* to get into the parks, don’t just turn up at the door.

  4. Brian

    It honestly dosnt seem fair to day visitors that are visiting Disneyland while they’re refurbishing en mass

  5. Roxy Mont

    My daughter and I have been vacationing in Disney Resorts in alternate years, because I cannot afford to go every year. Now I will be traveling to other places, where my $4,000 hard earned money will get me more than 10 days of vacation and less wasted time waiting in line.
    In other words, thank you for increasing the price of the tickets and opening other alternatives for me.
    See you when my grand-kids pay for my ticket.

  6. angela

    As a visitor from the UK I think the price is quite expensive,especially now we can no longer purchase no expiration tickets,which were great for use the following year or so.

    1. AndrewT

      Agree with you Angela, so glad we bought our 10 non expiry ticket in Jan this year, so have 2 or 3 years worth of visits left!!!

  7. mike

    Corporate Greed at its finest. I have not been to “Over Priced World” in five years, $3.50 for a Coke, $10.00 for a Balloon, $7.00 for popcorn, and all that is before you even make it down Mainstreet USA. Disney is now providing entertainment for the elite 1% of our society. They can do it, they keep the Riff Raft (middle income families) out of the parks. Show Disney you can live without their movies, merchandise, and other bobbles, if the masses stop buying their toys, Disney will lose in the end. Someone needs to go and shake Walt’s Head around and open is eyes to whats going on.

    1. Shari

      What a bunch of_____! We are the Riff-Raff you speak of and are about to take our 3rd Disney vacation in 3 years. Why? Because it means something to us. It is where we want to be. A couple extra dollars per day won’t change my middle class mind!

  8. Jennifer

    They raised the price of tickets but they’re the ones that will come out losing because now people will buy the tickets and take their own food and drinks into the park and buy souvenirs in stores outside of the parks that sell Disney merchandise. The extra $5 they raised the tickets by just to be greedy is gunna cost them the $100 an average person spends on food, drinks and souvenirs with their family in a day at the parks.

    1. Rusty


    2. Kitty

      Dont get me wrong, I’m outraged because, as longtime passholders, somehow Disney finally figured out how to price me out of THEIR parks with the elimination of Parking passes. I really wish we could make a difference by speaking out or refusing our business but the truth is that we are inconsequential to them. So to say that Disney will come out losing is silly.

      1) Disney is pricing out “normal” people.
      Walts vision is dead and this isn’t “our” park anymore. This is “their” park because Disney simply doesnt want anyone who complains about money.

      2) Bring your own Food
      Dont think for a minute that these lenient rules will stay forever. Most parks dont allow outside foods/beverages and Disney is surprisingly one of the few that dont mind. So IF they feel threatened on the food point then thats easy for them to fix.

      3) Disney learned a lot in 2014
      The last decade brought some huge and expensive plans to Disney Parks. Cars Land. Avatarland. Lots of meaningful refurbishments. And then Frozen happened. Instead of having to battle the amazingness of Universals resurgence, they realized that a soundtrack on loop and a few cardboard cutouts is all they need. Frozen Fever gave them a new direction in cheapness and now fake snow and movie clips is enough to maintain crowds. And as “budget minded” (unwanted) guests then we have some serious thinking to do about “value”.

      I was ready to spend a sold $2000 to renew for a Deluxe pass but I just cant justify it anymore. And that makes me both sad and angry. (but mostly sad. We really loved you Disney…)

  9. AndrewT

    Phew, so glad we bought our Non Expiry tickets on our visit in January, means we will be good for the next 2/3years visits. Whilst Americans think $100 dollars is too much for a day in a theme park, they should come to the UK and attend one of ours, and see how much we overcharge people for lousy service and something that is nowhere near the fabulous standard and entertainment factor of the Disney Parks. For those of you who have been to Walt Disney world recently will realise the amount of upgrading they are doing at the parks, and this has to be paid for somehow -they are a business after all. Also look at all the work they have done on Downtown Disney, soon to be rebranded as Disney Springs, this is free to use, and again has to be paid for somehow. A single day ticket to any park will be expensive, but the prices soon come down the more days you pay for!

  10. Caitlin

    I don’t love that they’re raising the prices (of course), but I highly doubt Disney will lose any money from it. People, including myself, will still buy the overpriced food and hotel rooms, because Disney is still one of the most magical places to visit (even with the cranes)! I’m headed there in two weeks myself!

  11. Disfanryan

    We will not be going this year. It is getting too expensive. Can’t justify it anymore. Really too bad as I had been going for the past 30 years. Will vacation elsewhere.

  12. Dee

    Its ashame prices keep going up. Its even more ashame only people with money can enjoy disney and the average joe is stuck home dreaming about being able to afford taking their children. Its always been fun telling your child ober the years its never going to happen.

  13. Anthony

    I’m not happy about the ever increasing prices, but my family and I love the parks and the magical experiences. We’re a bit spoiled because we live 15 minutes from Disneyland, it’s easy for us to go 5-10 times per month. Going so often, we can pass on the longer lines and just enjoy things we don’t normally do.
    I don’t have a solution for the crowd control, it seems so many people also love Disney, can’t fault them for that.
    It does suck for out-of-towners, having long lines and the mass construction currently going on for the parks 60th, but visitors come when they can come.
    We’ve done Disney World vacations a few times, usually summer and Christmas/New Years. Sure it’s packed and in the summer hot, but it’s where we want to go and have always had magical vacations!
    The Disney experience is far better than other amusement parks, until the others rise to the same level, Disney will be where we go. (Although Universal’s Harry Potter stuff is giving it a good challenge, too bad the rest of Universal falls short, in my opinion)
    Now if Disney stops the payment plan for Premium passes, then we’d be forced to stop going. $195 per month is easier to do than coming up with $2340 at once for a family of 3.

  14. Fernanda Siepierski

    That’s kinda disapointed. Do you know there will be any price increase on the premier pass price? I’ll arrive at disney on monday 23rd (and they dont alliw you to buy the tickets on the site or on the phone.

  15. Andrew Mittwer

    While all the complaining and criticism is cool, there was the same complaining and criticism the last time they raised the price and also the time before that. the whole “disney won’t be receiving my business anymore” thing ain’t working. the parks will always be jam packed, the merchandise will sell of the shelves just like the food and snacks. Stop fronting people.

  16. Tobias

    Just to let you know: It´s quite similar expensive in good old Europe. Even Disneyland Paris is much smaller and much less “up to date” and in the Studios there is still a lot of work to be done a ticket for both parks is at about 91,- Dollars. Not funny…..

  17. Anna

    This May will be my last visit, i love Disney and have since my first visit back when there were only 2 parks in Florida. However, i can take 3 cruises for what it cost for my 10 days at Disney. I can also go to Cancun or other destinations for less. Maybe if Disney starts loosing valued customers, maybe just maybe they will have to lower the price or the number of ppl allowed into the parks, the overcrowding is insane. It don’t make it very magical waiting to see nothing. This is getting out of control. No matter what i say on here, im sure Disney could give a rip cuz there are still ppl willing to pay outragious prices and not see a thing.

  18. wendy harrison

    I don’t fully understand the pricing as I am from the UK and when we purchase tickets usually they are a set price and cover 14 days, does that kind of ticket no longer exist? We are hoping to visit next year and have been 4 times in 11 years and since then the price has doubled or more.but USA folk should note that the parks are far superior to anything we have in the UK.I just went to Disneyland Paris for Christmas and it was wonderful and yes it is a lot smAller but does have different things to see from Orlando and stayed in a Disney hotel with lake view and breakfast for 680 pounds for two people for five nights and that included park ticks for both parks for the duration of
    the stay which was great value and easier to get to from the UK but I do love the Orlando parks I just hope they still have the 14 day tickets at a good rate rather than having to pay a daily rate as that would make us reconsider options.

  19. Kitty

    Wait, wait, wait…


    They moved the Disneyland Deluxe pass up $30 to $550. Thats sick considering Disneyland hasnt had a NEW ride in almost a decade. But to remove Parking?!?!? Am I really supposed to pay $20 EVERY TIME?!?

    The Parking option does exist in the Premium pass but thats $770! So essentially its $220 for a parking pass.

  20. Cathy186

    Wow, it is getting costly to do anything anymore. Went to Disneyworld in 2014 and couldnt believe the cost. Well with a big family people will just be going elsewhere to spend their $1200 a person visit. Use to cost $1000 per person but with all the extra increases it will be a lot more. So for 4 of us it was $4000. Going to Kings Dominion this year and for 20 of us it will only cost $3500 total for the 2 cabins and tickets for 20. It won’t be Disney but we can’t afford Disney every year anymore. And the nice thing is we can drive to it so that saves us another $1000. Disney is pricing themselves out of business.

  21. kjc

    If raising the prices cuts back on the number of obnoxious brazillians that swarm the park in ever increasing groups, heck I’m all for it.

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