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New “London Rocks” show brings the psychedelic fun of the British Invasion to Busch Gardens Williamsburg

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British rock ’n’ roll is once again invading the colonies with the debut of “London Rocks” at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.” The new show that mixes live singing and dancing with stunning lighting and animation effects takes audiences back in time to when British rock infiltrated our culture and forever changed music.

London Rocks officially opens to guests May 23, but the park offered a sneak peek of the show to invited media and select guests a week early. It’s a 27-minute multi-media stage show, featuring a img class=”aligncenter” src of live singers, musicians, and dancers whose performances are enhanced by an immersive and interactive set that transports guests to the heyday of British rock.

Video: London Rocks show highlights at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

London Rocks at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Through the lyrics and music of songs made famous by British artists in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, London Rocks tells the story of Lucy and Guy, a young couple who finds love in a record store, as they navigate through the victories and trials of life and love.

Show director Sam Buntrock said they wanted to capture the phenomenon of rock’n’roll in the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s and the lasting effect music has on our lives and culture. “It was about the innovation of music and about how we tell the stories of our lives,” said Buntrock.

The show scenes demonstrate the different ways we use music to express our emotions, whether it is love or frustration. The featured songs bring those expressions to life. “Music brings us together more than anything else in our culture,” he added.

London Rocks at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

London Rocks at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

The songs for London Rocks were carefully selected to tell the story, pay tribute to the era, and feature a variety of artists, such as Eric Clapton, the Rolling Stones, and – of course – the Beatles. While the songs capture the audience’s attention and hearts, they don’t always move the story forward effectively. However, they are always fun and upbeat, and they appeal to a wide variety of audiences.

London Rocks at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

London Rocks at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

London Rocks at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

London Rocks at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

London Rocks at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

In addition to the songs, the stage, with its animated effects, is its own character in the show. For London Rocks, the Globe Theatre’s stage was completely redone to display the transformation of London after rock’n’roll was introduced. The transformation is facilitated by five state-of-the-art projectors, emitting 110,000 lumens, which produce custom video animation that shifts and turns with the scenes.


  1. Eric B. Freeman

    Speaking of Busch Gardens Williamsburg, when I looked up the current map of the park in aerial view version on Google Map, I find that there are some of clear open spaces around and throughout there and although I’ve never been to Busch Gardens Williamsburg before, I would of love it if they could expand it by cutting down trees and adding more of the rides, shows, restaurants, stores, attractions and/or sections, right?

    1. Eric B. Freeman

      Here’s my list of 5 things as the examples that I would love to see at Busch Gardens Williamsburg (if I think of going there):

      1. I would love if they could add more of the European country-themed sections like Spain, Norway, Denmark, and Wales.

      2. I would love if they could create two different themed sections for BGW which would be based on things that they’re originated from Europe like Europe’s famous fairy tales/fables and as well as BBC’s popular television show “Walking with Dinosaurs”.

      3. I would love if they could create a 3D show that would be featured two of UK’s famous cartoon characters Wallace and Gromit.

      4. I would love if they could create a nighttime musical fountain show which would be featured the most famous Japanese anime character and a mascot for Yamaha’s Vocaloid voice synthesizer brand Hatsune Miku if they have a big enough money so they could get the rights of her from that Japanese company who created Miku called Crypton Future Media.

      5. I would love if they could create a themed restaurant that would be a tribute to the most famous British rock star band group The Beatles.

  2. Judy Roberts

    I’ve been looking forward to the new show but even more so after reading this. Sounds like great family entertainment!

  3. Sammy J.

    Cool..I live faaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr away from London.I live in a Fat Country called America.sigh….Does New York count as England?No?Ok.

    1. Danny N. Garcia

      I feel ya.Oh cool you live in America too?Well I don’t live in New York,but I Live in Oregon!Which is Far from where YOU live.

  4. Anne Mitchell

    This sounds like another good addition to BGW shows. Those pictures are great!


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