Hyperspace Hoopla will dance no more, officially cancelled at Walt Disney World as Star Wars Weekends gets new curtain call

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This will be a day long remembered. It seems the Emperor has gotten his way. The annual Dance-Off with the Star Wars Stars is no more.

Following today’s news of “new evening entertainment” coming to an expanded Star Wars Weekends this year, it has been confirmed that the always-popular Hyperspace Hoopla has been officially retired and will not return to the event.

Star Wars Weekends 2013 at Walt Disney World

Instead, Disney will host nightly performances of the “Symphony in the Stars” fireworks show as well as a “nightly curtain call moment” with a variety of Star Wars characters.

Hyperspace Hoopla has been a staple of Star Wars Weekends for many years, with an annual tradition of pitting the Rebels against the Empire in an epic dance-off battle featuring popular music spanning decades. It all started on a small stage next to Star Tours.

Waiting for Hyperspace Hoopla at Star Wars Weekends. 50 min to go!

But the Hoopla eventually outgrew that tiny area to take over the much larger stage in front of the park’s Sorcerer hat, where hundreds of fans would line up hours ahead of time to grab spots, eagerly awaiting each year’s show.

Waiting for Hyperspace Hoopla! #fb

Among the most popular moments in Hyperspace Hoopla history were Darth Vader and Boba Fett dancing to Michael Jackson songs, Chewbacca and Ewoks dancing to Guns n Roses, and recent additions of the “Harlem Shake” and “Gangnam Style.”

But now it has all gone the way of Alderaan.

Dance-Off With the Star Wars Stars 2013 at Walt Disney World

In recent years, the show has become a bit more risque, adding scantily-clad appearances by Slave Leia as well as many suggestive dance moves. And each year, as videos appeared online, the greater Star Wars community was split, either embracing it as hilarious or mocking it as a travesty. It seems Disney is siding with the latter, moving toward more traditional “Star Wars” entertainment now that they own Lucasfilm.

Star Wars Weekends 2013 at Walt Disney World

In honor of the years of fun entertainment the Hyperspace Hoopla has provided, let’s take a look back some of its most recent shows at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the videos below.


Darth Vader and Stormtroopers dance to Michael Jackson at Disney’s Star Wars Weekends 2010

Boba Fett dances to Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga at Disney’s Star Wars Weekends 2010


Dance-Off with the Star Wars Stars 2011 at Disney’s Star Wars Weekends


Dance-Off with the Star Wars Stars 2012 at Disney’s Star Wars Weekends

Chewbacca and an Ewok dance to Guns n Roses at Disney’s Star Wars Weekends 2011


Full Dance-Off With the Star Wars Stars 2013 during Hyperspace Hoopla at Walt Disney World

When Jedi Mickey appeared in the finale of last year’s show, fans thought it was Disney’s way of saying, “Yeah, we own this now” following the Lucasfilm purchase. As it turns out, it was their way of giving the show a Disney send-off.

First time Jedi Mickey dances to Pitbull, Michael Jackson in Dance-Off With the Star Wars Stars 2013

Star Wars Weekends 2013 at Walt Disney World

And what now has become the very last performance of Hyperspace Hoopla, the cast was joined on stage by a few special guests, adding extra characters and “Star Wars” celebrities to the mix.

Lando, James Arnold Taylor, Ashley Eckstein in final Hyperspace Hoopla for Star Wars Weekends 2013

Star Wars Weekends 2013 at Walt Disney World

Many more Hyperspace Hoopla videos can be found on our YouTube channel.

More photos from the final performances of Hyperspace Hoopla at Star Wars Weekends:


  1. Since1976

    Dumbest. Move. Ever.

    1. SWWFan

      Hoopla started in 2003

      1. sarah

        it did but really stopping it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. emnelson

      I wanted to see it in person! I have always looked forward to next year’s Hoopla. :(

  2. Sydney

    This curtain call better be fantastic. I am SO disappointed in this change.

  3. Tricia

    So sad.. this is an essential part of SWW for us. We will be there for 2 of the 5 weekends this year and it won’t be the same without it.

  4. Emily

    This makes me sad. I always watch the performance online after May and a dream of mine was to see it live…now Disney you have squashed that dream instead of making it come true

  5. DB

    Like I always tell people down here in theme park land, if you really enjoy something make sure you stop by the parks guest services/relations and make it known, not just to complain or when something goes wrong during your visit. Like the ITM article states, it’s literally half and half about the enjoyment of this show. Sadly, complaints and dislikes speak louder than the positives. If they overshadow the positives, well then kiss any offering anywhere goodbye. No show or attraction is ever really safe. It’s just the difference between a slow or short death. Not saying that this is the reason why hoopla is gone because I don’t know. I’m a fan just like the rest of you, but you can bet it’s definitely probably a factor. Not to mention the public’s want for more of that amazing fire works display last year on at the “May the 4th Be With you” event. No offense ITM, I love your site (I really really do), but social media has become the new place to express positive and negative experiences like you’re at the parks, ALL OF THEM, not just Disney. There are people who’s job is to read them just like they would if you were at Guest Services. The really sad thing with this particular situation is that a lot of negative comments on social media come from people who have never been to the SWW. They are just die hard SW fans that think their favorite SW characters dancing is Disney ridiculousness, especially after the LucasFilms buy out. Don’t believe me? Log onto youtube and look at any hoopla video, especially 2013’s show and read the comments. Some even think that 2013 was the first Hoopla show and that it was never done before Disney acquired Lucas Films. Sorry for the short story. The one silver lining, At least there will be an extra event weekend and those amazing fireworks from last year or better this year. Remember positive feedback goes a long way at these Orlando parks (or any park). So please if you like something take some time on your way out to make your comments known, if you feel like you don’t have time write a positive letter.

    1. Shugacookie

      DB, what you say is correct. My family loves SWW and Hyperspace Hoopla is always the best part of a perfect day there. Afterward, we do go on youtube to relive the fun we felt watching the show live. Then I read the comments below and cant believe what I am seeing. Most are by the stalker-type fans who like to pretend its all real (there’s an oxymoron for ya)and feel offend a tough guy like Boba is breakdancing. Meanwhile those of us paying our hard earned cash to see this event live get shoved aside by online complainers. This was by far the most popular event of SWW as you couldn’t even get near it any less than an hour and a half before show time. We’ve gone many years now and I have to say the only complaints I ever heard from anyone was they wish they’d gotten there earlier to see better.

  6. Analisa

    How is everyone upset about this? I’m THRILLED that this idiotic spectacle is finally getting shut down. The first time I saw it, all I could do was pull my hair and scream, “WHO AT LUCASFILM APPROVED THIS?!” I’m looking forward to something new at SWW that isn’t, you know, stupid.

    I mean, I’m sorry if going to see this show was a tradition for your families…but all I know is, the moment I heard Emperor Palpatine say, “We got mad skillz, yo,” I died a little inside.

    1. Lunae

      @Analisa Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Being present at all of the Hoopla parties since 2003, I can actually say they were a blast, and very hilarious. I am what I would call an elite SW fan, and I never for one moment felt offended. It was not meant to be a serious representation of the SW universe. It was always a fun and entertaining comedy show. If you want to take part in a serious SW universe experience… ride the new Star Tours ride. Lighten up. Don’t die inside… use the force. :-)

  7. Mike S

    Shutting this down is the best thing they could have done!

    1. LC

      Absolutely. This was one of the dumbest shows ever.

  8. Joey


    Is there any chance you can get an interview with the cast members who played Snig and Oopla?? I applauded Disney for not only bringing back Hyperspace Hoopla every year, but being consistent and always bringing back the same performers. Would love to hear their thoughts/stories. Just an idea.

    1. Lunae

      @Joey, Jennifer, the cast member who played Oopla is amazing. She is an extremely talented actress/comedian. I had the opportunity to meet her during a special presentation of the Indiana Jones show. It breaks my heart to hear this news. Our family always had an amazing time watching the Hoopla. It will be missed.

      1. Justim

        They should get their commemorative action figures. :) I’d buy a set. :)

  9. chris

    this seems like a first step to turning holly-wood studios in to another kid park when they should keep a more teen or adult feel i can see them getting rid of any guns in the park next so be ready to see indy kill a bad guy with a flashlight

    1. Anonymous

      Stop predicting the worst, Chris. Making stupid comments like yours is not healthy as well as sinful and wrong! >:(

  10. Tracy Westwater

    WHAT???? I don’t understand this at all! BEST part of SWW. BUT…… If they are going to use the Star Wars fireworks they used for the Endor Party in conjunction with the Star Wars Convention…. I am all for it. First you year nothng but Darth Vader breathing in a dark park and the fireworks and the music were the BEST fireworks presentation I have ever seen in any Disney park at any time or holiday! If they do that that is the ONLY way I would be ok with HH leaving. It is mesmerizing and goose bump city!

  11. Glen

    I think it’s a tragic loss to SWW. We loved this show and it will be missed. I am a Star Wars fan and took the show for what it was, FUN! My whole family enjoyed it from my 3 year old who is now 6 to my 5 year old who is now 9.

    These new events are going to have a tough act to follow.

    1. Lat

      I am very glad this is finally ending. I never understood why the performers were supposed to “be” the Characters during the day, but once night hit they were basically told to destroy any Character integrity. To me this was Disney’s response to the increasingly horrible Universal Bill & Ted Halloween show. It’s inane, and Hoopla was just as bad. Thank you Disney for killing this mess.

      1. Glenn

        This sums it up perfectly.

  12. EricJ

    Hoopla took on too much of a life of its own with the returning core fans–It was great, but it started to become more famous than the weekend itself. People saw Boba Fett in the park, they just EXPECTED him to do Jacko moves.
    (Although I would always pass along YouTubes to those who’d never heard of SWW, and the reaction to seeing Darth and Boba on Smooth Criminal was “…That is just -too- cool.”) :)

    1. Jeff Lynch

      Reminds me of the Adventurer’s Club and how it took on this life of its own with superfans.

      1. EricJ

        Didn’t even Ricky, on one of his most recent SWW interviews with the park heads, ask Boba “So are we gonna see your dance moves?” (The daytime Boba stayed in character, and waved “No chance, I’m putta here.”)
        It just sort of became hard to get away from after a while, and I wouldn’t envy being the regular CM expected to fill those boots during the day.

  13. Stephanie

    The fireworks are a plus but the loss of the show is a real shame. The dancing was just mindless fun and the banter between the hosts and the emperor was pretty hilarious. I would only be okay with this if they replaced it with the Raiders of the Lost Jedi Temple of Doom show. That was entertaining.

    1. EricJ

      A Temple of Doom show? I’m sure they’d put their heart into it…

      1. Stephanie

        It was part of the last tour to endor event. You can find it on youtube.

  14. Michelle

    Another great thing bites the dust. So many people are attracted to the Star Wars Weekend and stay for the entire day spending money in the park just so they can see the Hyperspace Hoopla. It’s probably a cost saving issue. So what if people complained about it being risque?.. that could have easily been remedied by going back to costumes of previous years and changing choreography. Guess Disney is just encouraging their guests to go to the other theme parks in the area!

    1. Jeff Lynch

      Michelle says: “Guess Disney is just encouraging their guests to go to the other theme parks in the area!”

      I’ve been reading Disney and theme park fan sites for like three years now. And I keep seeing comments like this that seem either naive or delusional to me.

      Attendance keeps rising. I don’t think it’s realistic to think that the average person going to Orlando is not going to hit the Disney parks. So, at what point will people like Michelle stop saying this?

      The fact is, it’s only the superfans who gripe about not having new things or something like Hoopla being taken away. The families coming on vacation don’t care about this stuff and that’s why it gets cut. Like it or not, Disney caters to those families coming once in a lifetime for them or once every few years. That’s why Disney does not rush its construction projects or fee the need to build something new every year. They aren’t trying to get people to come back any faster than they do now because Disney’s attendance numbers are good enough that they don’t have to entice people to make more trips down to check out the new stuff.

  15. Jeff Lynch

    I don’t know. On one hand, this was pretty silly and funny. I like things that are silly and funny because the world is so serious and when I go to the parks I just want to be silly and cut loose. But, the show got boring for me really fast. I would not have wanted to be standing there watching that for more than five minutes.

  16. Ella

    I have mixed feelings. It was a fun show and it’s always terrible to see entertainment cut…

    On the other hand, the setup was absolutely awful. If you aren’t a taller than average person or had staked out a position in the front hours beforehand, good luck getting even a glimpse. (Also, there were always way too many children on shoulders blocking the view. Really no way to solve that problem since the kids wouldn’t have gotten to see the show otherwise, but their careless parents blocked the view of dozens of people behind them.)

    Hopefully this means another entertainment offering is in the works besides the fireworks though.

  17. Ken Vida

    I love Disney, BUT this is getting out of hand. I recently bought Universal Annual Passes instead of Disney for the first time and I am now not regretting it at all. Sad, but people keep coming back. I won’t return until Disney adds more than just plastic bracelets. They just keeping taking and taking.

    Sorry, Rant OVER!

  18. Stacey Bertran

    I also have mixed feelings being a very long time Star Wars fan. I liked the dancing and the fact that it put Star Wars out there when little was going on for Star Wars. But it did boarder on smearing the characters. And the Acting of the two hosts was just so (Dare I say) Goofy and Over the top. For many Long Time Star Wars fans the Characters hold a special place and I can see how many of us would cringe at something like this show. But like they say in the news the is no such thing as bad publicity. I would imagine the show just got tobe two big and guests were not enjoying it due to visibility issues and perhaps people incharge from Lucas Film have been talking with Disney and want to bring back a more serious approch to the Francise. Which is something I feel a lot of fans want. As far as fans of the show go, sure many will miss it but I’m hoping that something great will take its place. Perhaps more panels in the same time slots. Giving guests more time chances to see the StarWars panels. I also feel it would be a great shame if this is replaced with nothing more than fireworks. If you take something away thats a big draw you have to have something just as impressive to satisfy people, otherwise you thought you got hate mail before,lol, your really going to get some now.

    Glad to see people posting their feelings on this topic, its great to see ITM followers participating.


  19. Don

    I’m glad it’s cut. It must have costed a ton of money and Disney is short on cash keeping all these old rides going. It was also to risqué, Chewbacca wearing no pants and people making suggestive movies like they do in “rock and roll”.

    I heard Disney is working hard to replace the appalling but popular show with an even more amazing and magical t-shirt stall on the site of the former stage saying “Here (Star) Wa(r)s the Hyperspace Hoopla and all I got whas this lousy shirt” at $45 (it is going to be limited so line up 6 days in advance). There will also be an awesome treat commemorating the former show called the HyperSpace-Cake.

    There will still be funny stuff that will be a hit with little girls and confused boy where famous Star Wars characters like Darth Vader and Chewie get a princess make-over at the temporarily Bibedy-BobaFetty-Beauty Parlour. Guess what, for just $150 you can go the same faith and after the transformation (you can keep the synthetic black cape or hairy body suite and plastic crown) and have a high tea at the Star War Princes Pinky Up event.

    So everyone stop complaining, Disney is great and doing the best they can to respect their guests. Sure they put Push out with the trash but they replaced it with a higher priced entrance ticket and a complementary plastic bracelet with a chip in it they use for tagging dogs, so the experience must be better.

    1. Triss Mauroy

      “It was also to risqué, Chewbacca wearing no pants”

      I laughed so hard at this comment! Chewbacca NEVER wears pants! XD

  20. eaglewiccan

    I had thought this was another vicious urban legend about Disney that circulates with timeless appeal, no matter how you try to disprove them. What I’m saying is, I’m one of those people who watched the Hyperspace Hoopla online at YouTube, and fell in love with it because it just looked like so much fun and I’ve wanted to see it for my next trip to Disney World. I compared it with the old Superman musical self parody, only a hundred times better. I have been a strong SW fan my whole life, yes I like the prequels, and this never ruined the franchise for me, so call me a weirdo I’m proud of that. I feel a let down of not getting a chance to see it live at SWW and greatly looked forward to seeing it, if not this year then in 2015. Maybe if they see enough hipe they’ll bring it back for next year, though I will give the fireworks and ‘curtain call’ a chance. Maybe it’s only been canceled because Snig and Oopla’s contracts expired and they’re renegotiating now, I don’t know. All I know is I really want to go to SWW and the rest of WDW soon, but I feel greatly disappointed that I’ve now missed a chance to see this long running popular show. But you can’t keep a good idea down, and maybe it will be renewed someday, like with the Electric Lights Parade. So I concluded with BRING IT BACK! BRING IT BACK! BRING IT BACK!!!

  21. JC

    Must have been asleep when this announcement was made.

    Glad I caught it now though as I can cancel the hotel reservation and just go over for one day rather than catching the Hoopla on Friday night and then the rest of the activities the next morning.

    Will wait for some reviews on the fireworks/curtain call to see whether it is worth coming back for but will definitely miss the Hoopla.

  22. TT

    The new “curtain call” is just plain boring. I agree with everyone missing the hoopla. That was often the sole reason I would make the extra trip or stay the night for. I certainly don’t plan on waiting to get a “good view” of it, not that I’ll have much competition for the view once everyone realizes that it isn’t the glorious Hoopla. I don’t care about “serious,” fans who didn’t like it could have just not watched. They probably won’t bother watching this new one anyway. And, the songs picked in the Hoopla always seemed to fit the characters’ personalities. I saw plenty of hard-core Star Wars fans in the crowd watching and loving the Hoopla. If it is about money, I think they should try to save in other ways because it will most definitely be missed. I hope they see all this feedback and remedy it next year, because Star Wars weekends just won’t be the same…

    1. Dave G

      OMG the DJ lobot replacement this year sucked terribly… soo dissapointed.

  23. D McCoy

    I cant believe Disney canceled the Hyperspace Hoopla. A classic for so many years that showed Disney was following Walt’s advice of one foot in the future and one in the past. I guess Disney decided to step backwards. Sorry some fans were offended and thought it was mocking Star Wars but you cant live solely in the past. The hoopla and dance offs showed that Disney follows the current styles, caters to both young and old. But the few offended and whiners that it was to risque seem to rule as always and get the good stuff shut down forever. If Disney really felt Leia is to much then remove just her. If “Disney is siding with the latter, moving toward more traditional “Star Wars” entertainment now that they own Lucasfilm.” Then maybe they should just stop all the entertainment all together and just run the films in theaters over and over and over….. C’mon if you want to keep the crowds coming (like the way the show moved from the smaller stage to a bigger one, wonder why) then you have to move with the times and listen to the crowds. Replacing one of the best shows with a family game show and a DJ (REALLY) is not gonna fly. Thanks Disney for showing you have no insight and chase the crowds away once you have a good thing going. Bring back the Hoopla, bring back the creative entertainment.

    1. K Archer

      I have been a Star Wars fanatic since 1977, with my fondest childhood memories of skipping school to catch daytime theatrical premieres of Empire and Return of the Jedi. Now +30 years later, it’s my kids turn to Join the Force. Although their generation is hooked on daily Clone Wars, they also enjoy the original Episodes.

      For years now my Family have enjoyed watching the antics of Hyperspace Hoopla and Star Wars Weekends on Youtube. Amazing characters from the beloved Star Wars galaxy entertaining at a Disney theme park could only be a winning formula. So we planned and we saved and fortunately we finally got to see the Big Show live in 2012. For us HSH was the highlight of SWW. The show was clever in that it showcased the SW characters traits, moves and quotes through contemporary music and well-choreographed dance routines. So naturally we are all saddened and shocked to hear of its cancellation.

      As to the argument of taking SW more seriously, even my kids (under 10 and pre-teen) know the difference. To them HSH was a tremendously fun and entertaining show to laugh and cheer about. But to them the show’s silly factor could never diminish the timeless strength of SW characters. The characters will always live larger than some fun that they have in a 30 minute stage show. If Disney really wanted to take things seriously, then ask why Mickey, Minnie, Donald are dressed as SW characters, and let’s not forget Darth Goofy in polka dot boxers? Even Lucas must have recognized the Power of the fun and silly, or else how could he explain Jar-Jar?

      We Love the Hoopla! Bring back the Hoopla!

    2. Jess

      I agree with u, so sad read this

  24. JC

    Definitely was not the same without the Hoopla, went over with my son and we both had a good time but it was not the same as the last few years when we have both had a blast.

  25. angela

    BOOOOO !! bring back the Hoopla ! !

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  27. Rhonda

    I am so sorry to hear that Hyperspace Hoopla will be no more. We were planning a trip to Disney with all of the grandkids and I was looking forward to seeing it live. You know, I don’t enjoy roller coasters but I don’t complain that they should be shut down Just because I do not like them. I think that dance expresses a joy in life and these dances made the characters live again for me. So very sad. I do not want to go to Disney World now.

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  29. Rebecca

    The first piece I’d ever seen about this weekend was the Storm Troopers doing the music thing where they played different songs. Then, I watched the Hoopla thing. I was so excited that I wanted to take my husband this year. My heart crushed when I found out that they took it away for Symphony under the Stars…. really?? Probably a cool idea, but, for someone who has an attention span of MAYBE 3 minutes *unless interested in the show*, I would probably either fall asleep or walk away. The hoopla looked cool and was very interesting. As the newer event they have taking its place, I watched exactly 3 minutes of it, got bored and went to find other cool things to watch. I really wish I could have gone to see Snig and Oopla…. :(

  30. ivan

    I beg you please put it back :'( it was the best of the best and no longer that wrong please him back to put Greetings sore.

  31. charles

    you know some people will never understand the fun this offered. I never went to this wish i had. But for those bashing this liven up a little otherwise stick to your comic books and movies where everything is “appropriate” for your tastes.

    ps. a fan that never went ;(

  32. Fred

    The Hoopla was the best things ever at disney. The only people that are happy about it ending are idiots whose life revolves around Star Wars. The truth is that the dance routines were lot more entertaining than Star Wars ever was

  33. Joshua B

    Who plays Padme and Leia in the Star Wars Hyperspace Hoopla? What are their names?

  34. Joshua B

    Hey Disney! Do you know the cast member performers who danced in the Hyperspace Hoopla 2013?


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