Top 10 Most Popular Videos for 2013 from Disney, Theme Parks, and Special Events

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This past year was filled with plenty of excitement across many theme parks and special events, from Walt Disney World to Disneyland to Universal Studios to the D23 Expo and beyond. We were there to cover it all, sharing more new and fun videos than ever before.

In fact, 2013 brought more than doubled the audience of our YouTube channel, which grew from around 41,000 subscribers and 52 million total views at the beginning of the 2013 to more than 122,226 subscribers and 108 million video views today. That’s more than 56 million views in the year of 2013, totaling an estimated 161 million minutes watched. It was a HUGE year!

To recount all that fun, the top 10 most popular original new videos for 2013 are included below – ones shot, created, and uploaded within the year – followed by the top 10 most popular overall, as many past videos continued to bring big view counts throughout the year.

Our Top 10 Most Popular New Videos for 2013

The ten videos below are our most popular new and original videos made in 2013. These videos were all shot, edited, and uploaded within the past year, which brought plenty of entertainment and excitement from Florida, California, and beyond.

10. Moe’s Tavern opens at Universal Orlando in The Simpsons Springfield Fast Food Boulevard

Uploaded 6/1/13 – 316,814 views

The opening of Moe’s Tavern was long-awaited, attracting the attention of the entire world as guests of Universal Studios Florida had the chance to step inside the famous bar from “The Simpsons” for the first time.

9. FULL The Walking Dead Escape 2013 zombie experience at San Diego Comic-Con

Uploaded 7/25/13 – 363,945 views

Following up on last year’s groundbreaking event, I once again armed myself with a GoPro handheld camera to battle hoards of walkers through The Walking Dead Escape, taking a nasty spill in the process – one that left me with scars still today. But it was worth it to entertain hundreds of thousands more YouTube viewers.

8. FULL Tangled / Rapunzel show in Fantasy Faire at Disneyland

Uploaded 3/6/13 – 412,296 views

Disney fans were impressed when the new Fantasy Faire area opened with two outstandingly funny and original new shows, one of which is based on the incredibly popular film “Tangled.”

7. FULL “Frozen” World of Color segment with “Let It Go” by Idina Menzel at Disneyland Resort