Giveaway A Day: Win a Disney Infinity figure assortment – Jack Skellington, Woody, Syndrome, Dash

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Our third Giveaway A Day brings a few Disney characters to life through interactive collectibles for the video game Disney Infinity. Like the others this week, this giveaway is open for entries for just 24 hours, so enter now!

Giveaway A Day Prize #3 – Dec. 11, 2013

Disney Infinity assortment
Prizes: Disney Infinity figures – Syndrome, Dash, Woody, Jack Skellington

Courtesy of Disney Interactive, the winner of this giveaway will receive four collectible character figures for the Disney Infinity video game, two launch day releases and two more recent – all fun!

How To Enter

There are two ways to enter to win Giveaway A Day Prize #1:



The contest period begins with the publishing date and time of this article and ends exactly 24 hours later. One (1) winner will be randomly selected from all entries. Each Entry Method may be used once per person during the duration of the contest for a total of two (2) possible entries per person. The winner will be contacted on or around December 12, 2013 either via e-mail or direct message on Twitter, depending on winning method of entry. Any attempt at duplicate or fraudulent entries by the same person using multiple email addresses or names will immediately disqualify that person from the contest.

Good luck!


  1. Catherine

    I want Darkwing Duck to part of the Disney Infinity crew!

  2. Angel Miranda

    I wish the Mickey from Kingdom Hearts was in Disney Infinity!

  3. Ed McGovern


  4. Ed McGovern

    Misread the instuctions. Real answer: Boba Fett.

  5. Renee Rusk

    I Would Love To See Minnie Mouse Join In On The Fun Of Infinity

  6. lisa neve

    Sally is one figure I wish was added to Disney Infinity.

  7. lisa neve

    oogie boogie

  8. Karen

    I would love to see Belle as an Infinity character, she could have book power

  9. Lauren Wojtkowski

    Doug (from Up)

  10. I would love to see an Ursula figure join the Disney Infinity family!

  11. I would love to see the Cheshire Cat as a fig

  12. Angela "YamiSora" Burnett

    Who wouldn’t love to play as Stitch?!

  13. Patty Adams


  14. Krystal


  15. brandon

    despicable me character with their own world. plus goofy

    1. jc

      Very nice

  16. Scott Adams

    Darth Vader

  17. Thomas Haze

    How about Simba from The Lion King.
    That would make a great play set.

  18. Gabriel

    I would really like jack skellington cos he is boss

  19. Kristine Kretzschmar


  20. Elaine Millar

    I would love to play as Dumbo. You could fly and have all the fun at the circus.

  21. Lisa Gray

    Dark Wing Duck

  22. Ed Mazzilli

    I would like to see Sam Flynn from Tron as an Infinity character.

    1. Casey Lucas

      Darkwing Duck

  23. mary


  24. Marijah

    I’d love to see Tinkerbell, or any of the fairies, be represented as Infinity characters.

  25. Gary

    I’d love to get a Jack Skellington

  26. Tanya Parkes

    I wish Tinker Bell and all her Fairy Friends were part of Infinity Figures.

  27. Dawn Baxter

    Sally or one of the Gummi Bears

  28. Randy

    Pete’s Dragon would be fun!

  29. Alex Johnston

    I too would also like to see Goofy and the rest of the Fab 5.

  30. Steve

    I’d love to see Merlin from the Sword and the Stone.

  31. Joanna B.

    I really hope they issue a Wall-e character!

  32. Angie


  33. Andrew Gallagher

    I wish Stitch was in Disney Infinity!

  34. Kenn Kitt

    Any characters from the world of Tron and The Evil Queen.

  35. Pete

    Goofy because he is the Man….Dog.

  36. virginia madrid

    Well, now that Star Wars has come to Disney, I would absolutely love to see Yoda or Chewbacca! lol Especially Chewy :)

  37. Cara McConnon

    Oogie Boogie!! They should make him black light responsive!!

  38. Ryan Gagner

    Totally want Scrooge McDuck!!! Love Duck Tails as a kid growing up!

  39. Megan

    The everyone from the Lion King (Simba, Nala, Timon, and Pumba)!

  40. Stephen Parker

    I’d like to see Dipper and Mabel from Gravity Falls

  41. Mallory Thames

    I would like to see Stitch

  42. Nidya

    I’d like to see (evil) Queen Maleficent.

  43. Lucy Curtis

    Beast, from Beauty and the Beast.

  44. Kevin Cayton

    Oogie Boogie!

  45. Melissa

    I wish Mike Wazowski was there.

  46. Kristine Kretzschmar

    Jack skellington


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