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VIDEO: Naked haunted house debuts at Shocktoberfest Scream Park as eye-popping, nearly-nude Halloween experience

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With Halloween season in full swing, haunted houses across the country are looking for ways to stand out, pushing the limits of their victims with new kinds of scares. Though many have recently opted to take a hands-on approach, getting physical with willing participants, the Shocktoberfest Scream Park in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania has gone an entirely new direction, daring visitors to bare it all.

Shocktoberfest owner Patrick Konopelski created the Naked and Scared Challenge to give his guests an opportunity to face the most basic fear of all: nudity. While walking through a haunted house called The Unknown, adding to its many sudden startles and surprises is the chance to strip down, leaving little left to protect participants from the horrors within. The idea was inspired by Disccovery Channel’s “Naked and Afraid” TV series.

When we first shared the Naked and Scared Challenge announcement, the story brought tens of thousands of intrigued visitors to this site. But as the news drew the attention of even bigger blogs as well as mainstream media, we knew we had to truly cover this unique event (so to speak).

So I sent in local cameraman Josh Keim with HD night vision equipment, together with a group of eager “Naked and Scared” challengers who dared to not only take off their clothes for the haunted house, but for our camera as well, letting us record every scantily-clad scream. The result is a fantastically entertaining Halloween time video quite unlike any before, complete with carefully placed blurs to keep it all “work safe.”

Watch the vivid video below, then read on to find out whether getting naked really did enhance the eeriness of the experience or if it was all just a cheap thrill.

Video: Naked and Scared Challenge at Shocktoberfest Scream Park

Sadly, the full Naked and Scared Challenge was never quite met – but not for lack of interest. Though there was meant to be both “nude” and “prude” options, letting participants decide whether to keep their underwear on or go for the fully naked experience. But after the unusual event drew so much media attention, plenty of prudish outrage followed causing city officials to prevent Konopelski from putting on the “nude” portion of the event.

Our group was willing and ready to take it all off in the name of a little Halloween fun, instead stifled by threats of the event being shut down. So while the video above gives the impression of what a naked haunted house experience would be like, all participants were indeed wearing the required undergarments.

Many guys and girls alike have come to Shocktoberfest’s defense, expressing disappointment publicly on their Facebook page. “How many other people could say they went through a haunted house with friends conpletely naked!! Live a little. I had a whole group ready to come and do it naked,” wrote one eager female. “Yet another freedom stifled by media hype,” added another. “People are way too sensitive now a days. The point is to take you out of your comfort zone to make it a scarier experience,” succinctly summarized a male Shocktoberfest fan.

Konopelski is hopeful he can convince the city to allow him to offer the full event next year, as originally intended. In the meantime, the “almost naked” challenge remains.

Even while wearing underwear, our group of victims unanimously and positively recommended the experience. Though being only half naked didn’t expose our group to new fears nearly as much as the fully nude challenge would have, some still felt more vulnerable while facing Shocktoberfest’s scares, each leaving with a different memorable moment that got under their skin the most.

And never once was the experience inappropriate in any way, with Shocktoberfest offering nothing but professionalism from the moment the first shirt was removed all the way through to the end of the event. Individuals or small groups can go through together without any fear of being in close contact with others outside of the haunted house actors and staff. And while we had special permission to film inside this experience, cameras are strictly prohibited, ensuring everyone’s private parts remain just that.

The Naked and Scared Challenge was never meant to be sexual, only to offer a way for thrill seekers to face a different sort of fear. Perhaps next year the necessary actions will be taken to let Shocktoberfest visitors take it all off in the name of Halloween. But in the meantime, those still interested in going almost all the way can be assured they’ll still have a good time.

More information about the (almost) Naked and Scared Challenge can be found on the Shocktoberfest web site, along with details of their other haunted attractions and experiences.


  1. Anonymous

    I decided to skip this article. I’m highly offended as to why you would add this here on the website. This article is inappropriate and doesn’t even have anything to do with Universal or Disney.

    I’ve decided I won’t be visiting Inside The Magic in the future. I’m sure there are better places I can get my Disney news.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Actually, it looks like you didn’t skip this article, since you’re commenting on it. Anonymously at that. Not that I really need to explain myself, but each year I try to add more Halloween coverage beyond the usual theme park events, branching out to other haunted attractions for comparison. This one stood out as being particularly unique this year. And there is absolutely nothing inappropriate about it. In fact, it’s less revealing and less violent than most of my other Halloween posts, even from the big theme park events. Sensational? Sure. Inappropriate? Nah. Just fun.

      But if you’re sensitive to this sort of thing, come back in November when Halloween is over and wholesome Christmas entertainment begins! (Of course, you’ll miss my coverage of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in between if you leave completely…)

      1. Mark

        I went on your site, saw this article, and was sure I would be offended so I clicked on it, watched and read everything and am appalled Ricky. No raunchy sexual nudity stuff. I’m disgusted. Where is the hardcore stuff?!
        Omg people are so sad. Even if this was really a totally naked experience what would it matter. Why is nudity the same as sex for a lot of people? THAT is just weird. Why shouldn’t people be free?

      2. Blaine

        Anyone who has listened to your podcasts or followed your articles for more than a second knows that you cover a wide range of excellent topics, especially Halloween content. The good thing about having a title is that you can maturely skip the things you dont want to read about

  2. Those are yours alright!. We at least need to get these individuals stealing images to get started on blogging! They probably just did an image search and grabbed them. They will look good though!


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