Nude haunted house pushes limits of Halloween as Shocktoberfest dares visitors to take the Naked and Scared Challenge

Nude haunted house pushes limits of Halloween as Shocktoberfest dares visitors to take the Naked and Scared Challenge

Year after year, attractions continue to push the limits to new extremes. Roller coasters get taller and faster, while theme parks build lands that are more immersive and rich with detail. In the haunted house industry, the moonlit sky’s the limit when it comes to creating the most intense and exhilarating experiences.

But instead of adding to their haunted attraction, this year the Shocktoberfest “scream park” in Pennsylvania is actually removing a key element: clothing.

Shocktoberfest is daring visitors to take their new “Naked and Scared Challenge” offering a chance to strip down to nothing and explore one of their haunted houses completely nude. The idea comes from Discovery Channel’s show “Naked and Afraid,” in which two castaways must survive in the wild without any outer protection. Now Shocktoberfest is letting their guests face gymnophobia – the fear of nudity.

And really, what else can be expected from haunted house creators that look like this:

Participants will walk through the haunted house called “The Unknown,” themed to a former industrial park loaded with zombies created by toxic dumping.

Two options exist – nude or prude – allowing participants to walk through completely nude or wearing undergarments. Even those who opt for the fully nude version didn’t worry about many onlookers, as the experience takes place at midnight after all other customers have left, leaving only those with tickets to the Naked and Scared Challenge still hanging around, so to speak. And Shocktoberfest will have plenty of security on staff ensuring there is no inappropriate behavior.

The Naked and Scared Challenge adds to Shocktoberfest’s lineup of unique Halloween time experiences, including the Prison of the Dead Escape, in which participants try to evade zombie infection by keeping their flags intact, flag football style. That attraction is enhanced this year with interactive features allowing participants to alternately be transformed into a zombie and unleashed on survivors for an hour.

The costs to be entertained by this unique brand of Halloween experience is not expensive, just $15-$20 for a single attraction with combo tickets available.

Shocktoberfest exposes itself beginning September 27, 2013. Tickets and more information can be found at Shocktoberfest.com.

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