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Mickey and the Magical Map debuts at Disneyland remixing classic Disney music in high-energy, high-tech stage show

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Bringing new life to the Fantasyland Theatre, Disneyland’s new stage show “Mickey and the Magical Map” open to the public tomorrow with exciting visuals that seamlessly blend a medley of songs from classic animated films with high-energy dancing and live singing.

Yesterday Disneyland held the official premiere event for the new show for invited media and guests. Covering the debut for Inside the Magic were Jeremiah and Josh Daws, who were impressed by the show’s spectacles, shared in the video and photos below.

Kicking off the premiere was recently-named Disneyland President Michael Colglazier, with the help of Mickey himself, naturally.

Video: Michael Colglazier and Mickey Mouse introduce “Mickey and the Magical Map”

Video: Full “Mickey and the Magical Map” show at Disneyland

Mickey and the Magical Map was first announced just 5 months ago, adding new entertainment to the Fantasyland Theatre for the first time in several years.

Mickey and the Magical Map debut at Disneyland

The show blazes through a series of familiar Disney classic songs, remixed and mashed up to create something new. Every scene is a highlight, utilizing talented performers and an impressively interactive video screen set piece as Mickey swings his paint brush to transport the audience into the worlds of “The Jungle Book,” “Tangled,” “The Little Mermaid,” “Lilo and Stitch,” “Pocahontas,” “Mulan,” and “The Princess and the Frog.” It also adds a new song called “Journey of the Imagination.”

Mickey and the Magical Map debut at Disneyland

Mickey and the Magical Map debut at Disneyland

Mickey and the Magical Map debut at Disneyland

Between musical numbers, Sorcerer Mickey is joined by a larger-than-life appearance of Yen Sid. The sorcerer first appeared in the Disney animated classic “Fantasia,” but was most recently made a big part of the “Epic Mickey.” And Disneyland did indeed look to “Epic Mickey” for more than just inspiration for their new show, working closely with Disney Interactive to bring Yen Sid to the big screen.

Mickey and the Magical Map debut at Disneyland

Just after the show’s premiere, Jeremiah talked with Disneyland’s Director of Entertainment Doug McIntyre about the “Epic Mickey” influence, Princess medley, and challenges they encountered while creating “Mickey and the Magical Map.”

Interview: Disneyland Director of Entertainment Doug McIntyre

The innovative multi-level map screen serves as a background and platform for performers to play off of, featuring nearly 1 million pixels and more than 35,000 square inches of LED screen surface. Sections of the map are moved on wagons that weigh more than 9,000 pounds each. It’s a modern element of Disney magic that sets this show apart from predecessors.

Mickey and the Magical Map debut at Disneyland

It also give Mickey a chance to conjure some magic as he disappears into the map during the show, joining Yen Sid in becoming an animated version of himself.

Mickey and the Magical Map debut at Disneyland

Mickey and the Magical Map debut at Disneyland

Mickey and the Magical Map debut at Disneyland

For Disney Princess fans, the crowning moment of “Mickey and the Magical Map” is a song medley first featuring Pocahontas, then joined by Mulan, and ultimately adding Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. “Tangled” has been a huge success for Disney, with the park already featuring it a comedy show in the recently-opened Fantasy Faire. But this new stage show offers a chance for audiences to connect with the touching song “I See The Light.”

Video: Rapunzel and Flynn Rider sing “I See The Light” in Princess medley at Disneyland

Mickey and the Magical Map debut at Disneyland

Mickey and the Magical Map debut at Disneyland

Mickey and the Magical Map debut at Disneyland

Mickey and the Magical Map debut at Disneyland

But King Louie’s toe-tapping performance accompanied by an excited trumpet player definitely keeps the crowd excited. And King Louie himself appears more animated than ever before, not only dancing wildly but also blinking his eyes and moving his mouth along with the words.

Mickey and the Magical Map debut at Disneyland

Mickey and the Magical Map debut at Disneyland

Mickey and the Magical Map debut at Disneyland

Ultimately it is the live performers that make “Mickey and the Magical Map” connect with the audience, even running out into the crowd at times during the 22-minute show. More than 900 hopefuls auditioned for the show and the final company includes more than 50 dancers and singers. By tomorrow’s opening day, the cast for “Mickey and the Magical Map” will have spent more than 40 days of rehearsal and training.

Mickey and the Magical Map debut at Disneyland

Mickey and the Magical Map debut at Disneyland

Mickey and the Magical Map debut at Disneyland

Mickey and the Magical Map debut at Disneyland

The show is scheduled to run five times per day, seven days a week, during the summer. Show schedules will adjust in the fall.

The enhanced Fantasyland Theatre looks and sounds great with this upbeat show a perfect fit to add some pizazz to the backside of the park. And Disneyland is counting on it being a hit, noting that the show will be performed for a long time, with the potential of updating its scenes in the future.

For now, beginning tomorrow, Disneyland visitors can take a journey through animated classics by way of Sorcerer Mickey’s paint brush and one large Magical Map.

For more about the creation of Mickey and the Magical Map, take a look backstage at costuming and music recording as well as a behind-the-scenes rehearsal of King Louie’s big number.

More photos from “Mickey and the Magical Map” at Disneyland:
(Photos by Josh Daws)


  1. Brendan

    The thing I like most about this show is that it includes Pocahontas and Mulan. Most people might think this is weird because they were chosen over princesses like Belle and Cinderella. I like it though because I think they are the forgotten Princesses and I’m happy to see them getting the spotlight again. It also helps that Pocahontas is my favorite Disney Princess, haha

    1. Chaz

      Yes, it was really refreshing to see Disney get a little more creative than simply using segments from Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, and Aladdin like they usually do. They’re all wonderful Disney properties, but they’re not the only good things to come from Disney animation and it’s nice to see that the people Disney realize they have a wide range of movies they can spotlight.

      You know, I wasn’t really that excited for this show, but after seeing the full performance online, I’m starting to think Disneyland is right to think that this show will be a hit and I hope it does play for a long time so I can have plenty of chances to see it live.

      By the way, did anyone else love the tribute to Walt Disney in Yen Sid’s quote?

      1. Kitty

        I saw the show this week and LOVED it. But even though I think the songs were great, I kinda have to disagree with your claim that they made “creative” choices here.

        Pocahantas – Same song as in World of Color
        Under the Sea – World of Color, Soundsational, Ariel Ride
        Lilo and Stitch – The played the Lilo song without actually having the characters come out
        Rapunzel – Same song as in Soundsational, World of Color, Fantasy Faire Theater
        Tiana – Often heard around the park (I loved when she used to come out for a live set)
        King Louie – Fantasmic

        Again, i’m not slamming them because sticking with whats familiar is how you please the widest range of people. I just disagree with your claim that Disney somehow got creative in their song choices.

        1. anyomus vistor star-w

          yea and the ONLY oringanal song in there is journey into imagination and that one is HORRIBLE they use recycled songs because they were hits and creative ones these days are horrible

        2. Chaz

          To me, the fact that their “princess segment” did not feature Cinderella or Ariel represents a HUGE leap in creativity for Disney.

          And I did say “a little more creative.” I wasn’t saying Disney was being revolutionary, just that it was a pleasant surprise to see lesser known movies (lesser known in comparison to “The Lion King”, of course) like Mulan and Pocahontas get the same kind of attention as “The Little Mermaid” in a show, especially since this show had only five or six real segments in as opposed to twenty like in “World of Color.”

  2. Bob

    The innovative map was the only thing original about this show – Disneyland’s past stage shows have been much better including One Man’s Dream and Animazement – The “Under the Sea” production number in Animazement was far superior to this version with many unique costumes and special effects – Why are the dancers in this show wearing the same costume in every number – Why not change for individual number? Rather dull and unexciting!!!

    1. anyomus vistor star-w

      but it’s the first show to have soccerer mickey that’s totally orignal

    2. Chaz

      Style choice?

      1. Bob

        A friend of mine in the entertainment business who also saw the show thought just as I that the map screen concept was quite spectacular – However, she agreed that the costumes were somewhat blah -She thought that they had a design similar to a show with “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” theme rather than this kind of production and wondered also why they would be used through the entire show (instead of having different costumes for each production number)- What happened to that budget???

  3. Kitty

    Not that anyone asked, but we saw it on a Preview day and here’s my opinion on the show. (Spoiler: I loved it, but it’s far from perfect)

    + Vocal performances were spectacular
    + Princess Medley was beautiful
    + King Louie’s lips! Those talking masks keep getting better and better
    + So much fun. Its just a cute and entertaining show

    – Opening song: Unlike World of Color which perfectly sets the mood for the event, this song felt a bit “Sea World” in its cheesiness. I was half-expecting a speech about nature followed by Shamu splashing on the screen)

    – The Auditorium: The stage is clever but the auditorium has the same problem it always had. It’s flat and there’s no incline so if a guy in front of you is over 5″ tall then youre staring at their head the whole time. And with the populararity of the smartphones and (ugh, iPads), then you often see 100 iphones in your eye-level

    – Not enough characters: I was so excited to hear Lilo and Stitch play, but then no Lilo and Stich characters came out. Same for hearing a Little Mermaid song and no Ariel. It just felt like they were missing.

    – Bad viewing angles: On one performance I had to sit on the side in front. And from there the whole screen concept just didnt work because the platform dividers were in the way. IMO, you MUST sit in the center section.

    – Mickey in the Map: I’m not sure why they chose to use the live action Mickey vs an animated one when he goes into the map, but it just didnt look good. The motion capture wasnt smooth and it looked cheap.

    – Half Shirtless guy: Nothing wrong with half-shirtless dancers but it just was weird
    – Bubble dancers: Not sure why I expected a trick but it was disappointing that a guy halfway in a bubble just turned out to be a guy halfway in a bubble.

    Anyway, overall I feel the show is fantastic. It may not be as widely appealing as Fantasmic or World of Color, but for those who like Disney music then its definitely worth seeing. Just get a good seat.

    1. anyomus vistor star-w

      i agree about the mickey in the map is a con of the show but i guess they did it to make sure it wont get TO cheesey

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