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Top 10 Most Popular Videos for 2012 from Disney, Theme Parks, and Special Events

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As we prepare to ring in another new year, we begin to look back on 2012 as one of the busiest and most exciting in theme park history. It’s a year that saw more major grand openings – and closings – than any in recent history.

And throughout the year’s many exciting events, fans have flocked to our YouTube channel, which grew from 20,000 subscribers and 18 million total views at the beginning of the 2012 to more than 41,000 subscribers and 52 million video views today! That’s more than 33 million views in the year of 2012, totaling an estimated 35 million minutes watched. It was indeed a BIG year.

In fact, we received so much attention on our videos that to properly count down the most popular, it’s necessary to separate them into two categories. First, the top 10 most popular original new videos for 2012 – ones shot, created, and uploaded within the year – followed by the top 10 most popular overall, as many past videos continued to bring big view counts throughout the year.

Our Top 10 Most Popular New Videos for 2012

The ten videos below represent our most popular, and some of our best, new and original videos for 2012. These videos were all shot, edited, and uploaded within the year that brought quite a lot of entertainment and excitement from Florida and California.

10. Full Ride: Radiator Springs Racers with source audio at night in Cars Land

Uploaded 6/25/12 – 152,600 views

This tenth most popular video makes a double appearance in our top 10 original new videos for 2012. It’s a nighttime ride on Radiator Springs Racers, the amazing new E-ticket attraction in Cars land at Disney California Adventure. This video is special as it features a mix of the ride’s source audio from “The Music of Cars Land” CD.

9. Full Ride & Queue: The Little Mermaid in New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World

Uploaded 10/12/12 – 183,609 views

Despite New Fantasyland only officially opening a few weeks ago, a full ride on The Little Mermaid attraction at the Magic Kingdom still made its way into the top 10, as it had been running previews since October. But its sister in California pulled even bigger numbers, as seen in the overall top 10 below.

8. FULL Silent Hill haunted house lights-on walkthrough at Halloween Horror Nights 2012


  1. Andrew Prince

    Great 2012 top 10! I can’t belive how many subscribers you now have. Here’s to getting to 50,000!!

  2. Jeff Lynch

    Thank you for all you did in 2012. You gave us so many great videos and so many great articles. We appreciate you!

  3. Parkgoer

    Ricky, should we expect any new Parkspotting posts? I miss seeing those on here!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I hope to get back into that this year. 2012 was a really, REALLY busy year for special events. One nearly every week, sometimes multiple times per week. As such, I simply didn’t have time for many “regular” visits to the parks without a specific purpose. There seems to be a lot less on the way in 2013, with only a handful of major attractions opening this year. So I’ll try to get to more of that!

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