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‘The Simpsons’ midway of crazy carnival games opens at Universal Orlando inviting guests to step right up into Springfield

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When Universal Orlando recently demolished the classic Jaws ride, with it went the games of the surrounding Amity area. This week those games have returned to the theme park in an all-new form, each themed to zany characters of “The Simpsons.”

The Simpsons Ride Midway Carnival Games

The Simpsons Ride is set in Krustyland, Krusty the Clown’s own theme park that serves as the basis for the attraction. Since the ride opened, fake carnival game facades were set up around its entrance. Now those games are real, all part of an elaborate and colorful midway allowing park guests to test a variety of skills to win an assortment of plush prizes.

Video: The Simpsons midway of carnival games at Universal Studios Florida

Each of the new carnival games has its own theme, centered around a particular character and/or setting from “The Simpsons.” From left to right, they are…

Dunk or Flunk – Basketball game featuring Nelson, Principal Skinner, Milhouse, Mrs. Krabappel, Bart Simpson, and Ralph Wiggum.

The Simpsons Ride Midway Carnival Games

Whack A Rat – Whack-a-Mole style game with Itchy and Scratchy, complete with amusing tombstone epitaphs. (Scratchy Was His Foe, But Itchy Is No Mo’)

The Simpsons Ride Midway Carnival Games

Mr. Burns’ Radioactive Rings – Toss rings around radioactive plutonium rods. Prizes include Radioactive Man, naturally.

The Simpsons Ride Midway Carnival Games

Eye Carumba! – Bart invites guests to launch basketballs at his face, along with the rest of his family (minus Maggie).

The Simpsons Ride Midway Carnival Games

Help Santa’s Little Helper – That famously rescued greyhound takes to the track once again as guests squirt water to make him and a few other dogs run the track.

The Simpsons Ride Midway Carnival Games

Wild and Willie – Ach! Groundskeeper Willie can’t keep his shirt on in this game.

The Simpsons Ride Midway Carnival Games

Sideshow You – Sideshow Bob dares you to pop balloons.

The Simpsons Ride Midway Carnival Games

Thar She Throws – Help Sea Captain Horatio McCallister fight off a giant octopus by throwing things into buckets. Wait, what?

The Simpsons Ride Midway Carnival Games

Strike 3 – Help Homer knock down Duff Beer cans while he’s at bat for the Springfield Isotopes.

The Simpsons Ride Midway Carnival Games

The Simpsons Ride carnival games are open during the day and even during Halloween Horror Nights, when the video and photos here were shot. But if those daring enough to focus their attention on the games during the evening event should remain on their guard, as this year nowhere is safe from the ghouls that roam the streets – not even Krustyland.

More photos of “The Simpsons” midway at Universal Orlando:


  1. EricJ

    I’ve never seen a show so DETERMINED that you remember the name of every minor supporting character…

  2. S.K.

    Wow, way over the top. BSR should get a raise after this job is completed.

  3. Ben Slomowitz

    that’s so cool…can’t wait to play ’em.


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