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‘Penn and Teller New(kd) Las Vegas’ 3D haunted house revealed for Halloween Horror Nights 2012 at Universal Orlando

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Universal Orlando has revealed details for a haunted house inspired by Penn and Teller for Halloween Horror Nights 2012 called “Penn & Teller New(kd) Las Vegas.” This fourth maze announcement confirms long-standing rumors we first shared in February of the magician duo’s involvement.

The house, naturally, will be set in the world of Las Vegas, just as their real-life act is. But in the Universal’s Horror Nights story, a new trick involving a nuclear warhead goes horribly wrong and wreaks havoc across the city – and it will be presented in 3D.

Video: Penn and Teller introduce their Halloween Horror Nights maze

The official description of the house reads:

World-renowned magicians Penn & Teller have accidentally nuked Las Vegas, but don’t worry, it’s nothing a fresh coat of paint and a truckload of BS can’t fix! Come on down to New Vegas, where all that glitters isn’t gold, and in fact probably has fatal levels of radioactivity.

The “truckload of BS” refers to their hugely popular Showtime television show that aired from 2003 to 2010.

“Universal Horror Nights can scare the living Elvis out of you, and me & Teller, well, we’ve been known to take things a bit too far. Now we’re working together on showing you what it would be like to live in a post-nuclear explosion Sin City. C’mon by, but remember, you’re not playing with children here,” said Penn Jillette, the larger, louder half of the duo.

“We’ve done more than just tap into the wildly creative minds of Penn & Teller, the most influential illusionists in the world. We’ve been working really closely with them. You are literally going to hear Penn directing you through this toxic wasteland before coming face-to-face with both Penn & Teller in this jarring 3D experience,” said Jim Timon, Senior Vice President of Entertainment at Universal Orlando Resort.

Much like how the rumors began, the details of this maze did not first come through official Universal channels. The Orlando Sentinel first revealed details about the new house, followed by Variety, even before Universal has announced it. Yesterday morning, Penn Jillette tweeted he was “off to Orlando,” likely in town to continue work on the maze and shoot the promo images featured here, with his stage partner Teller.

Elements to be included in Penn and Teller’s 3D maze include showgirls, slot machines, a buffet, a wedding chapel, and other Vegas cliches – all covered in radioactive goo.

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  1. These guys are super oddball entertaining. They’re like the Dane Cook of Magic, where your not sure if you love or hate them, but either way you’ll watch. I’d of shot for David Blaine myself, but these guys or better showmen so lets just see what happens

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