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Interview: Head of D23 Steven Clark dishes on 2013 D23 Expo plans, Disney fan club direction, and future exhibits

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With the latest Destination D event having just wrapped up and nearly a year until the next D23 Expo, this week was an opportune time to chat about the state of Disney’s official fan club with the head of D23, Steven Clark. Over the duration of a half-hour phone conversation, I voiced many of the positives and negatives I’ve heard from D23 members and Disney fans throughout the club’s 3.5 years in existence and Clark thoroughly, honestly, and exuberantly replied to each one.

Interview topics ranged from overcrowding and poor queue management at past D23 Expos to D23’s recent efforts to reach more fans around the country and across all arms of the Walt Disney Company.

For those who just want the quick hits, here are a few bullet points of new and/or interesting information that came out of the conversation:

  • Fanniversary events were launched as a direct response to fan demand for more D23 events around the country. D23 is currently developing more Fanniversary events for 2013.
  • Movies likely to be featured in the Walt Disney Studios presentation at the 2013 D23 Expo include “The Lone Ranger,” “Oz the Great and Powerful,” “Maleficent,” and “Frozen” (among others).
  • 2013 D23 Arena will still have 4,000 seats. The unused seats are all obstructed views and Disney does not want to offer a poor experience.
  • An overflow theater will seat 2,000 offering a live video stream of Arena presentations.
  • Some Stage 23 and Stage 28 presentations will be held more than once, allowing more to attend.
  • Pending legal clearance issues, some 2013 D23 Expo presentations may have video replays after show hours.
  • Wristbands will be available for all Stage 23 (and possibly Stage 28) presentations guaranteeing a seat, but not a specific seat. Attendees may still stand in line to get a better spot. No wristbands will be given out for the Arena.
  • Stage 23 will have 2,000 seats, more than double that of past Expos.
  • There are no immediate plans for another Great Disney Scavenger Hunt.
  • Magic and Merriment, Sip and Stroll, and other similar annual events are repeated as they have become tradition for many fans.
  • Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives may evolve into a touring exhibition.

  • Below is a partial transcription of our conversation, elaborating on the information above. The full thirty-minute interview will be included in Show 385 of our Inside the Magic podcast on Sunday, August 19, 2012.

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    1. Sean

      I hope that the 2013 D23 Expo Event reveals anything about Pirates of the Cribbean 5, like its full release date and full movie title. I ‘d love to know what Pirates of the Caribbean 5’s full movie title and full release date will be.

    2. Sean

      @RickyBrigante ^

    3. Mr Clark/Ricky Brigante need to take a closer look at Gold and Silver Memberships and what they are GIVING away FREE memberships versus what those people that PAID for.


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