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Inside ‘Transformers: The Ride 3D’, wowing fans with big action and immersive visuals at Universal Studios Hollywood

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Though Transformers: The Ride 3D has been roughly 4 years in the making, for fans of the decades-old franchise it has literally been a lifetime of waiting to have a chance to step into the world that pits Autobots against Decepticons. As of this Memorial Day Weekend, Universal Studios Hollywood has officially opened exactly such an attraction, a ride that not only excites longtime “Transformers” fans, but is accessible, enjoyable, and understandable by those new to the series.

Friday’s grand opening spectacle was appropriately big, rolling out vehicle and walking versions of famous robots-in-disguise Optimus Prime and Bumblebee to protect the All-Spark from the evil Megatron. The opening ceremony’s plot mirrored that of new ride itself, as Universal places guests into the N.E.S.T. (Networked Elements: Supporters and Transformers) facility, becoming recruits in aiding the Autobots in ensuring Earth’s safety.

Transformers: The Ride 3D

While “Transformers” was a huge hit on TV in the ’80s, the new ride follows the look and feel of the more recent series of big-budget Hollywood movies directed by Michael Bay. But while those films have been largely panned by critics and Transformers fans alike, only the best elements of the popular property are used to create the unbelievably immersive attraction that is Tranformers: The Ride 3D.

For those wishing to remain relatively spoiler-free before experiencing the attraction in person, included below is a “highlights” video, summarizing the new attraction’s elaborate queue environments set inside the N.E.S.T. facility, followed by a few quick hits from the ride itself.

Video: Highlights of Transformers: The Ride 3D queue and ride at Universal Studios Hollywood

Now for those wishing to get a fuller sense of what the fun and informative pre-show videos are like in the queue and how the entire ride unfolds, the video below shows it all off in its entirety, mixing live on-ride video with high-res HD clips supplied by Universal Studios Hollywood.

The video below also features binaural audio, so it’s highly recommended to wear headphones while watching it, particularly during the ride portion, for the best experience.

With that said, since Transformers: The Ride 3D is indeed a ride based largely on 3D visuals, no video of the attraction can ever replace the sensation and excitement of seeing it in person. And the ride is impressive enough to warrant a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood just to see it.

Video: Full Transformers: The Ride 3D ride & queue experience at Universal Studios Hollywood


  1. ameryth74

    Thanks for the detailed report! Do you happen to know what the hourly ride capacity is? How many simulators are on the track at a given time? I’m curious as to how fast the line moves, as I’m sure it will be really long for some time to come.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I don’t have any specific numbers but the cars move quickly. Loading is extremely efficient due to the military-style environment the ride is presented in. Guests are rushed into the cars and move away fast, with another car waiting right behind. It’s not quite continuously moving, but very close, with 12 people fitting in each vehicle. The queue is VERY long though with much to look at. I imagine it’s able to comfortably accommodate a 2- hour wait if needed.

  2. Jeff Lynch

    It’s still such a shame that Michael Bay directed these movies — and chose to have the robots look so junky. Their faces are so ugly and it’s hard for my eyes to focus on all the CGI extraneous details on their bodies. I wish the robots looked like the cartoon from the 80s and had normal faces and their voices weren’t so deliberately strange. That said, the technology that went into this ride is amazing. I really hope Disney develops something similar. Can you imagine what new dark rides can be created using this tech if applied to classic Disney movies?

    A Tarzan dark ride zooming through the trees?

    A Sleeping Beauty dark ride where you are riding with Phillip as he races through the forest of thorns and the Forbidden Fortress to slay the dragon Maleficent?

    There are so many great possibilities…even a Lilo & Stitch ride where you could be in a boat surfing the Hawaiian waters.

    This 3D tech would be amazing for all of them.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      And to think… Spider-Man and Transformers were both developed (in part) by Thierry Coup, a former Disney Imagineer.

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