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Test Track Tribute: Experience the fastest Walt Disney World ride as Epcot changes its gears in an extreme makeover

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Yesterday Walt Disney World temporarily closed the popular Test Track attraction at Epcot to be renovated with a new theme under the banner “Chevrolet Design Center.” When the ride re-opens some time in fall 2012, it will likely still sport the “Test Track” name and will feature the same track, but the overall theme and ride experience will be drastically different, abandoning the notion of a GM vehicle test facility in favor of a sleeker Chevrolet-branded experience allowing guests to take part in the design process before taking their creations out for a spin.

The original Test Track has cemented itself firmly in Disney history, not only for consistently drawing large crowds since it first opened in late 1998 (officially in early 1999), but also for being the fastest Walt Disney World attraction, topping out at around 65mph. Test Track replaced the slow-moving, Audio Animatronics-driven World of Motion, an attraction many hardcore Disney fans loved as a classic Disney experience. But most casual Disney theme park visitors have enjoyed Test Track as one of the most thrilling rides at Epcot for nearly 14 years.

Test Track at Epcot

Since Epcot is transforming the ride into a new experience, I wanted to capture the classic Test Track attraction, as I’ve known it since looking forward to its opening in the late ’90s. While I was a fan of World of Motion, Test Track marked one of the prominent moves away from traditional Epcot “edutainment” often dubbed boring by many visitors into a world where education could be married with an attraction featuring much more than just a slow-moving adventure. It may not be a history lesson through hundreds of years of transportation, but Test Track did offer a glimpse into how everyday cars are tested before they hit the roads.

So below you will find an in-depth tribute to the original version of Test Track, as it exited just two days before it closed. The 24-minute video below takes you on a tour of the outside of the building, through the queue, pre-show, and on the ride itself, followed by a walk around the showroom post-show area that’s changed many times over the years. The pre-show video features picture-in-picture to offer a look at both monitors simultaneously and both that and the ride itself offer binaural audio, so wear your headphones for the most complete experience.

Test Track Tribute: Full experience (queue, pre-show, ride, post-show) at Epcot


  1. OT

    Thanks for this. It´s been some year that I rode test track and I was shocked about the pore strate it was in. I remeber there where robotarms comming at you when they remark “did we turn off the robots?” and that the crash car would crash into a wall befor your own car would pick up speed.
    While the ridesystem was new and awesome the theme was always ugly and inconsystent. Fake treet when you drive uphill but a real truck almost crashing in you is just silly. I´m sad the track doesn´t change. The first park like the braking and the chambers are unconvincing and boring. Lets hope they spent the cash to make it a more beautifull and exiting ride.

  2. Groot onderwerp 🙂 Ik geloof dat ik minstens 50% van deze reacties gezien op mijn eigen blog.

  3. I loved your article about Test Track! Great Pictures! Makes me wish I was down at Disney right now! Well I kind of always wish that lol. Epcot is my favorite park too. I also love how they gave Test Track a facelift! I think the ride is even better now.

    I recently wrote and article about the fastest rides at Disney World. Check it out if you get a chance and let me know what you think!

    Love your site and am now a follower of yours on Twitter

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