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Inside MegaCon 2012: Up-close with cosplayers, costumes, and celebrities at largest Florida comic-con

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Thousands of fans flock to Orlando each year for MegaCon, the self-proclaimed “largest comic book, anime, gaming and multimedia event in the Southeast.” This past weekend, MegaCon 2012 was one of the biggest yet, nearly filling the Orange County Convention Center’s West concourse with merchandise, collectibles, celebrities, and plenty of costumed attendees. Even with the unique items available for purchase and the stars available for meeting, it’s the attending cosplayers that always offer the most entertainment and what I personally find to be most enjoyable to see at the convention.

Each year while covering MegaCon, we take hundreds of photos, capturing all its interesting sights. But for 2012, I decided to take a more personal approach to spotlighting the people who spend hours creating their elaborate costumes for the event. I asked each cosplayer I approached to say “I am…” followed by their character name. With a mix of their own voices and in-character performances, the video below offers a glimpse at just who are these people who dress up for the convention. It’s simply called, “I am MegaCon 2012.”

Video: I am MegaCon 2012 – Costumes and Cosplay in Orlando

From the hundreds of photos we took, below I offer a few of my favorite sights, from more costumes to celebrities to exhibits. Everyone’s experience at MegaCon differs based on their own preferences and tastes for pop culture and genres. For me, I was naturally on the hunt for anything Disney related, plus a few other favorites. Following my personal picks, flip through the full slideshow of all of our MegaCon 2012 photos at the bottom to spot out your own. And if you find any costume photos simply captioned “Costume” that you know more about, head over to our Flickr gallery and comment with the additional details.

MegaCon 2012 entrance
The MegaCon excitement begins even outside the convention center, with Batman and Robin heading in at the same time I was.

C-3PO and R2-D2 - MegaCon 2012
It doesn't take long to find entertainment inside. Before even making it to the show floor, I spotted C-3PO and R2-D2 drawing a big crowd.

Thor - MegaCon 2012
The entrance area is a popular spot for cosplayers to pose for pictures. Here Thor engages in an epic MegaCon battle.

Resident Evil - MegaCon 2012
Nearby, a few Resident Evil characters battle it out too.


  1. Wow I love the costumes, I wish that Disney had more of a presence at these things. Even though they have D23 Expo they should still be engaged in others,

  2. Jessica

    I was the Catwoman cosplayer at 2:22. 😀

  3. Hanna

    wow! This just is amazing. I loved the inuyasha cosplayer (due to being a large large fan) I might go this year, but debating weather to go as Kagome Higarushi or hinata Hyuga.

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