Jaws ride to close at Universal Studios Orlando, replacement rumors include Harry Potter expansion

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Universal Orlando announced this morning their classic Jaws attraction and its surrounding Amity area will close permanently on Jan. 2, 2012 “to make room for an exciting, NEW, experience” – and rumors point to more Harry Potter attractions moving in to the area.

Jaws has been a staple of the Universal Studios park for 20 years and Universal promises they won’t forget it, with a “couple things planned to ensure we always remember and honor it.” But for its replacement, they are staying silent at the moment, promising only a “new, innovative & amazing experience” to come.

But with a second version of Universal Orlando’s popular Wizarding World of Harry Potter all but announced for Universal Studios Hollywood in California, a long-rumored expansion of Orlando’s Wizarding World is now rumored to take over the space currently occupied by Jaws.

The existing Wizarding World is located in Universal Orlando’s other theme park, Islands of Adventure. Rumor suggests guests will board the Hogwarts Express train to reach a new Harry Potter-themed area, connecting the two parks.

The Google map below shows the space between the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Jaws attraction, both of which lie on the borders of their respective parks:

However, the areas behind both attractions are backstage or off property, with a major road, businesses, and Universal’s backlot in the way. It would certainly be a major construction project to link the two.

Moreover, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter already has a Hogwarts Express train, permanently parked just outside the main entrance to Hogsmeade Village.

Other rumors of a Wizarding World expansion suggest Universal will take over the whole Lost Continent “island” at Islands of Adventure, which was partially consumed by the Wizarding World when it was first constructed. Universal may have other expansions or attractions to announce beyond Jaws’ closing, as they recently demolished the old Hard Rock Cafe building (not the still-standing one in CityWalk), close to the E.T. attraction, which has been rumored to be on the chopping block for years. Steven Spielberg also recently hinted that the Transformers ride, currently being installed at the Universal Studios Singapore and Hollywood theme parks, could potentially make its way to Orlando – another possible replacement for Jaws (or even E.T.).

Of course, those are all just rumors. What is official is that Jaws will no longer be attacking boats as of January 2, 2012, so get your rides in during the Christmas season while you still can.


  1. Jaw's front tooth

    I am sad”” I must move on now. Being Jaw’s front tooth I must say was a lot of fun. I scared all people from all over the world. You may remember me as the second front tooth from the center of Jaw’s teeth. “Oh woe is me”. What ever shall I do now? I guess I can be free to roam now. A free tooth, living the dream…. living the dream.

    1. Lou sir

      Jaws front tooth….Dumbest . Post . Ever.

    2. The Angry SharkSlayer

      universal studios has enough F#CKING HARRY POTTER jaws is a piece of history its been around scence about 1985 harry potter was made in 2001.

      1. annoymous

        I cannot believe this how can anyone get excited when they have closed down ET and Jaws which were probably the best rides there just so they can relace them with Harry Potter. I used to love the ET ride and Jaws ride. Back in the 90s when I visited the states they were the two main rides always used to go on. RIP peace old friends you were alwsays the best and you maybe gone but you will never be forgotten and your legacy shall live on.

        1. annoymous

          On that note I also loved the King kong ride, ghostbusters and back to the future.

          1. Chandler

            E.T. Never closed.

        2. Anonymous

          Jaws is amazing been on it loads cannot be replaced…. Best ride ever!!!! NO

      2. JAWS34

        I know right JAWS was a classic horror movie that they worked hard on Harry potter just uses LAME SPECIAL CRAPY EFFECTS! Thanks a lot for ruining the WHOLE PARK!!!!!!!! ))))):( JAWS was my favorite ride and now your trading it for some dumb 3D crap!!!!!!! Such a dumb decision

        1. Jawslover

          Yeah I agree I hate harry potter didn’t they have anough space to have it I loved the jaws ride t was the first ride I went on when I was 8

          1. jawslover

            I agree because i never rided it i wanted too

        2. mwave

          I first went to that park in 2014. my dad said he rode it when it was open and said it sucked. but I still wanted to ride and harry potter is covering the park. I mean, harry potter this harry potter that! he is a freaking wizard. jaws is a classic movie. harry potter is dorky. I watched jaws 3 and now I am in the beginning of jaws 4 the revenge. now I wish jaws was real so it will eat the closers of jaws! ūüėČ

  2. I am so excited i am going to florida , orlando this july for the first time and i am so excited about the wizarding world of harry potter , and now that theres going to be more is even more exciting i cannot wait :))

    1. Niamh :P

      You willl Have A Ball .. Been There 3 Times and its acc the nest crk ever .. harry potter is unbelieveable! i wasnt a big fan going there and i am now! and dont forget to go on jussaric park river adventture its class ūüėČ xx

    2. lauren morley

      ive been there 5 times and it is amazing you will have a great time

    3. John Doe

      Oh stick it where the sun doesn’t shine! All you Harry Potter wanna be fans all excited while the rest of us normal people lose out on yet ANOTHER piece of history just to expand some retarded overweight teen’s fantasy world.
      Magic isnt real, wizards aren’t real, wands and hippogriffs aren’t real. DX

      1. saoyoa

        Well, SOMEONE didn’t get their acceptance letter to Hogwarts.

        By the way, I’m not retarded, overweight, or a teen (25 years old). I’m sad I never got to experience Jaws, but that is how stuff goes. Look at Disneyland/World. They are ever changing and replacing their rides/shows. It’s sad, but it may not have received as much attention as other rides in the park plus maintenance could have been a female dog.


      2. Rob

        niether was jaws my friend, no is E.T, men in black, the mummy, or anything that universal produces as they are all movies, that is part of the universal “magic” oh but i forgot magice isn’t real.

        1. Autumn

          ive been going every year since I was two. im currently 22. youll love the park!

  3. Jordan

    Worst decision ever. Potter is a tool. Jaws was the greatest. They’ve ripped the soul out of the Park for money alone. Disgrace.

    1. Day

      It’s a business I work at universal and jaws was not attracting ppl anymore as it used to and it’s was more money to keep the ride then to get ride of it. If you had a business then you would understand its all about what the majority of guest want and that’s what’s popular now is potter so I feel they made a good choice

      1. John Doe

        Oh bull, even if you do work for them, you’re a low grade employee, so don’t try to sound important. Replacing a classic piece of movie and park history for some expansion to an overweight gutter trash tart’s fantasy world is a disgrace

  4. John

    Can’t believe Universal got rid of Jaws for Harry !! I just found out about this because I’m planning a trip to Florida this summer with my kids who are now at the age where they wanted to ride Jaws, and have been bugging me to plan Universal in our vacation. Seriously, if this was one of their requests, but it is no longer there, might have to look to do something else !!! My kids are NOT into Harry Potter !! they are more realistic than fantasy !!!! and I love that !!!

    1. Chessie

      I grew up reading Harry Potter and I could not be happier that they are expanding it! But I was a little sad to hear that jaws was gone, I would NEVER get on that ride because sharks scare the Hell out of me because of the movies, but my parents and my older brother loved that attraction so I feel for them. It has not been confirmed that the jaws area is a part of the Harry Potter expansion though so I do not think you can say that is why they got rid of it. They were having some problems with the ride a few years ago so maybe it was just too much to take care of. I am sure that it is sad to see a big part of your childhood lost but that is NO reason to disrespect mine. The distaste you and your family have for Harry Potter is your loss. If you are really going to plan your vacation around this may I suggest Universal Studios California? They still have their jaws as far as I know.

      1. The Angry SharkSlayer

        well me too but cmon jaws was a good ride i know by now its too late but they should think twice about it

    2. Steph

      You wouldn’t miss much. The Jaws ride was always broken. It’s been open only once the four times I’ve visited the park. Over the span of a decade. Also the queue was virtually empty when I visited two years ago.

  5. Zac

    This is not happening. They are two separate parks with two different admissions. How would they control guests between the parks? Stop and ask them to get out and swipe their ticket? Come on people, be logical here. Transformers: The Ride 3D Is what is going in there. Spielberg already hinted at that. They have already installed it at Singapore and Hollywood. Orlando is the next stop.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Disneyland accomplishes it with their monorail. Tickets are required when boarding from Downtown Disney.

    2. Florida

      Zac is right what if you. Only wanted to go. To universal studios you wouldn’t be able to ride this attraction although I disagree that it will be a 3D ride they would of used disaster if they were going to make a 3D ride I don’t know we might be surprised and it will be a new thrill rides. Does anyone know when this attraction will be open??

    3. Steph

      Not true. Transformers is going where Soundstage 44 used to be. Soundstage 44 occupied a space similar in size to the Transformers ride and demolished very suddenly.
      By the way, Universal has already submitted the construction plans as required by Florida law. There’s a very large ride building, a long structure resembling a train platform, and multiple smaller buildings.
      This blueprint is called Project 722. Multiple art directors from the HP series have mentioned that their newest project is 722. If this isn’t Diagon Alley and Gringotts, I’ll eat my hat.

  6. jamie

    woooooooow. that was my favorite ride, and I am leaving tomorrow for florida. im soo sad now. :(

    1. The Angry SharkSlayer

      me too me too I miss it so mutch

  7. Tim

    I’d have to say that I do not agree with the rumored expansion of Harry Potter since the current Potter area is in Islands of Adventure and the Old Jaws area is in Universal studios. Both parks require you to pay an admission. there would be no way to link the two and figure out who paid for which park.

    1. Chandler

      You would go through a turnstile at King’s Cross, and you would need a two park ticket.

  8. Kate

    I think getting rid of Jaws is a huge mistake, I’ve been going 2 Florida for 15 years and love coming to Universal but it won’t be the same without Jaws. They got rid of King Kong another great ride not long ago. Whatever takes its place has got big shoes to fill.

  9. Dana

    This really stinks! JAWS was awesome! The whole section was awesome. Why can’t people just leave things as they are! Stop adding 3-D crap all the time. The old stand-bys are better!

  10. Soraya

    I can’t believe that Jaws is gone. Was one of my favorites!!!. First was King Kong…what’s next? E.T? Please stop making dissapear the big classics!!!!

    1. Steph

      Jaws was always broken. I’m sorry but a ride that hasn’t aged well in entertainment value or physical condition is not going to remain.

      1. The Angry SharkSlayer

        well now that its gone there is no porpose to go to universal next year> :(

      2. annoymous

        The ride was never broke when I went on it but even if it did break down I am sure they soon fixed it as soon as they could as it was a popular ride so I wouldn’t blame the age of the ride because all rides break down even new ones.

  11. beatyqueen70

    i was gon to take another trip bac to universal studios cuz i went last year but neva got to ride jaws but now itz gon so ima have to find sumthin else to do

    1. The Angry SharkSlayer

      well you missed out on the glory and horor

  12. Ellacoreymummy

    Seriously gutted jaws has gone love that ride. As much as i think harry potter is great i dont think they should of got rid of jaws for it. And i agree im fed up of 3d rides too the old classic rides are by far the best & the water rides are great. Shame ill never be able to take my kids on jaws we are going to florida next year & they wont be able to go on it :-( really hope universal somehow put it back into the park abit to keep its memory alive. They should of got rid of twister not jaws as its crap

  13. Hammerhead

    I guess I will never be returning to universal with my family. Jaws can be shared for many generations, Potter not so much.

    1. Chandler

      Fine then, never come back! One less person waiting in front of me for Despicable Me!

      1. wow stupid chandler what a name!

        seriously i can’t believe they took out jaws i loved jaws i hate this 3d crap. dude despicable me is cool and stuff but i also still miss jimmy neutron remember that guys with the rug rats i just hope they will put it in another park for the memory to continue. there should be a park with all the classic movies that would be fun for families and children to enjoy the old things to universal just saying.

        1. Chandler

          Jimmy Neutron doesn’t even air anymore, and neither do half of the shows that were on that ride. Plus, Nickelodeon Studios doesn’t even exist anymore… Also, why are you making fun of my name?

          1. sean p

            i hate you i need my jaws in my life it was my warmt and comfort. I might as well just leave this earth…..

  14. wow stupid chandler what a name!

    I’m going to universal tomorrow and I’m going to give my opinion about the new park thank me guys!

  15. alitalia

    Super bummed about this !! King Kong, Jaws, Earthquake, E.T and the Beetle juice shows have always been favorites in my family, E.T. for myself especially, and I understand the need for new ideas and rides for new generations, but some staples need to remain because they are icons of the park. Stop erasing the classics ! Personally, I say get rid of Twister over Jaws… Just saying.

  16. OldSchool

    So sad that Jaws, ET,King Kong & Back to The Future are no longer at Universal. Can’t they take a hint from Disney and keep all the old rides that so many of have fond memories of. Disney has new rides, but still keeps the old ones like It’s A small World, Peter Pan. It reminds all of us of times when we ourselves were young and saw everything for the first time and also when we were there with loved ones that may no longer be with us. What a shame!

    1. Chandler

      You do realize that the only attractions that are still at Disneyland from opening day are the Fantasyland dark rides, the train, and the shooting gallery in Frontierland, right? The fact that a ride was there from opening day does not make it a classic. The Tiki Room,Jungle Cruise, Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, all of those rides that Disney would never get rid of… They didn’t exist when Disneyland first opened! Universal Orlando is very similar to the Disneyland Resort in California. At Disneyland, they DON’T have a ton of room to expand, so if they want to put in a new ride, it usually involves replacing something old first. Disney World has much more real estate at their disposal, but even they get rid of rides every now and then. The fact is: Universal is still evolving. Disneyland went through a lot of trial and error before coming up with the right mix of attractions, and Universal’s doing the same. I’m sorry, but Jaws is Adventure Through Inner Space… Not Star Tours. Jaws was fun while it lasted, but its replacement will be a million times better! Don’t blame Universal for replacing rides and then say that Disney doesn’t do that, because they DID do that, and sometimes, they still do.

      1. Chandler

        Also, ET’s still there…

        1. OldSchool

          I was thinking of Disney World not Disney Land! I know that Universal is much smaller than Disney World, but Universal does not even look anything like it did when it first opened in FL and that is what I miss! Good for you, if you’re happy with it and don’t care!

      2. Day

        Thank you chandler I could not say it better myself. What ppl don’t understand is that millions of ppl come to see Harry potter only a hand full of ppl now a days come to see the jaws ride compared to Harry it’s a business. And ppl that don’t have businesses don’t get that it’s what the guest want as a majority not what Tim or Betty wants to keep

  17. Justa notha disney lovah

    Im so dissapointed, I have allways wanted to go on that ride. WTF are they gonna do with an E.T place or ANOTHER HARRY POTTER site at the park? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO? ANSWER ME!! Not really, I just wanted to say that. ok I’m dodne this post
    -Justa notha Disney lovah

  18. loudandabnoxious

    I’m really sad, I just turned 29 and have never experienced Universal Studios I always wanted to go on back to the future and jaws but now I’ll never get to go because my fiance told me he’ll never take me since they closed jaws and king kong.

  19. Dottie


  20. im so madd!

    I want them to build more jaws rides!!! Ignore the fact that children drive ticket sales and most kids havent even seen jaws!!!

  21. No name

    Jaws Is the best ride Harry potter sucks ass!!!

  22. Andrew

    Why are people still commenting “its a stupid thing to do” “dont do it” etc etc… more than a year after it closed? WTF

    Im gutted jaws has gone, but its now gone so we have to live with it. It was one of the best rides there and certainly had an atmosphere to it, both on the ride and queueing for it. Was always packed when we went, however the heat in the queues under the shelter were roasting hot at times

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  24. Emma

    Seriously not happy they have closed down this ride, I’m going with my partner for the first time next year and I was really looking forward to taking him on this, it’s one of my all time favorite rides, might have to boycott universal completely now for the atrocity, and I will ever even think of going again if it does in fact get replaced by more Harry Potter rubbish! The part they have in adventure islands should be more than enough! Universal you should be severely ashamed of yourselves!

  25. Jaws fan 54

    Jaws was the best ride ever. That was one of universal’s biggest hits. Plus, Harry Potter isn’t owned by universal, its owned by WB. They should get their own theme paprk and stop ruining ours! At least we still have the jaws ride in japan. R.I.P JAWS. We will miss you. :(

  26. Jaws fan 54

    Mabey i’ll boycott Harry Potter and universal.

    1. Rich

      Jaws was without any doubt the best ride they ever had. All rides bring a smile, but Jaws was something else. There can never be an equal to it. I rode that ride 20 times in one day. It can’t be beaten. However, it was very old, was probably getting very difficult to keep it working and if the number of visitors was dropping, they couldn’t justify the expensive of rebuilding it, so what else could they do? A real shame, but I think they had no choice.

  27. Ahappyunicorn

    Ok this is unfair. Jaws was one of the greatest parts of history. The ride was a way for fans to feel the way they felt when they saw jaws. I’m sure if all of you Harry potter fans out there had a part of your attraction moved, you’d be mad too! But this is the whole attraction! And even if the graphics weren’t good and stuff, people still liked it! It got almost 500 people a day riding it because the boat they road had a lot of room and it’s a 10 minute ride! 10 minutes isn’t that long that you have to get rid of the ride. And even the jaws statue, was that removed? People say it was and I haven’t looked it up yet but I will. People say the statue is worth like millions! If they got rid of the attraction fast, they probably got rid of the statue. : ( I went there 3 months after it closed. I was THIS CLOSE to riding it. I never new that now years later I would want to ride it so bad. When I went in April 2012, they still had the statue. Was it true I was one of the last oeople to stand with it and get a picture? I just thought it was cool… But now, it’s actually just perfect. I have the picture and it’s actually an awesome picture even tho I do look a little scared XD but seriously, I just want the jaws ride. I wish it was there…. : (

  28. annonomus

    On my trip to usf in 2011 I did not know that the ride would be closing. Then in 2012 I saw it in the nees somewere. When I went back this year it didnt feel right to see a massave cunstruction site for Harry there.

  29. Scotty

    I am so sad if it is closing it is going to be very sad

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  33. Jawslover

    I love jaws it was the best ride ever
    I hate harry potter

    1. Bloody Werewolf

      I completely agree, I hate harry potter now

  34. ougah

    Nobody gives 2 cares about Harry potter jaws is way better I hate universal now……. and they also need to bring back to the future back and get rid of all of this harry potter BS!!!

  35. ougah

    This is exactly why disney world is more successful and make more money

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  44. Eddie M.

    Absolutely agreed with a lot of people, Jaws was the greatest and so was King Kong, earthquake and some others. I took my girlfriend who came from out of the country just to see those rides and came to find out that Harry Potter BS is there now, like it isn’t enough with some other 3d bs as well. Retarded stuff that Harry Potter BS…..unbelievable !!!!

    1. brody E.

      I definitely agree that tearing down jaws was a bad idea. But that ride did cost universal a ton of money maintaining. I do agree that there were many other places they could and should have demolished, but hogsmead, diagon alley, and gringots have more then filled jawses shoes.

  45. Olivia

    This is really sad . All the classic rides have been replaced of in the process of being replaced . Instead of taking out the good rides , universal needs to expand its land . My childhood is gone from universal . I will just go to disney world now lol

  46. Eddie

    I been a fan of the jaws ride since it open take the ride away from the people the public is crazy and very very very stupid I grew up watching this movie like no other movie Universal Studios will never be the same where are the Jaws ride and I believe less people and the public should have the right to bring back the Jaws ride a very stupid move by Universal Studios Orlando Florida and replacing with the Harry Potter it’s time to give the public what they want bring back the Jaws ride and put it back in Island of Adventure or Universal Studios bring back the Jaws ride what really made the park 20 years and this is why the people in the public came for 20 years by bringing back the Jaws ride you will bring back a lot of people bering it back universal studios

  47. chrs

    I really don’t care about the Harry Potter because it should not be replacement of the jaws ride at all or if they do how about reconsidered it to remove the ride in to another location, then keep the ride Jaws how about that?

  48. Noooo!

    I am just about to go to universal studios for the first time and I was so excited to ride Jaws!


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