Disney Channel stars help open Disney Magic of Healthy Living – The Weekend at Epcot, making a healthier lifestyle fun

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Disney Magic of Healthy Living – The Weekend kicked off tonight at Walt Disney World with an opening ceremony inside Epcot’s World Showplace. The weekend brings 50 young essay contest winners and their families to Walt Disney World to compete in a series of TRY-athalons with Disney Channel stars in an effort to bring healthy lifestyles to the limelight.

To launch the special weekend, Disney Channel stars Alyson Stoner (“Camp Rock,” “Phineas and Ferb”), Caroline Sunshine (“Shake It Up”), Kenton Duty (“Shake It Up”), Daniel Curtis Lee (“Zeke and Luther”), and Jennifer Stone (“Wizards of Waverly Place”) were on hand to not only give some insight about healthy living but also “shake it up” with attendees, dancing and even forming a conga line along with Disney characters Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, and others.

Hop on the dance floor with the Disney Channel stars and characters in this video:

Before the opening ceremony, I talked to Alyson Stoner about how she stays healthy and a few other topics including Twitter, 3D movies – and I may have accidentally broke the news to her that she didn’t get the role of Katniss in the upcoming movie of “The Hunger Games” (whoops!).

Here’s the interview:

Alyson Stoner - Disney Magic of Healthy Living - The Weekend

I also spoke with Caroline Sunshine, whose last name completely summarizes her personality, about her own variation of healthy living and the ambiguously-foreign character she plays on Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up”:

Caroline Sunshine - Disney Magic of Healthy Living - The Weekend

And I talked with Kenton Duty mostly about the same topics as Sunshine, including his ambiguously-foreign character on the same show, after which Sunshine’s own was modeled:

Kenton Duty - Disney Magic of Healthy Living - The Weekend

Learn more about Disney Magic of Healthy Living from the Disney Channel stars in the video below:

Even First Lady Michelle Obama joins in the fun in a series of Disney Magic of Healthy Living videos, also starring the Disney Channel stars above along with Brenda Song, Nick Jonas, and other familiar faces:

While Disney Magic of Healthy Living – The Weekend is a private event for the 50 contest winners and their families, if you visit Epcot this weekend you might catch a glimpse of the celebrities and a few others as they make their way around the World Showcase, stopping at many of its countries to have fun with some unique activities designed to get everyone moving.

Now and after the weekend ends, you can visit disney.com/healthymagic for more tips on how you can stay healthy while having a good time.

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