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2010 in Review: Our Top 10 most popular Disney and theme park stories

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As we reach the end of 2010, it’s always a treat to look back in the world of theme parks to see what has happened over the last year. The below list recounts the most popular stories throughout the last year, based on the number of views of each topic. Most are individual articles that include food, new technologies, announcements, and special events, but the top story of the year spanned spanned many articles and grabbed the attention of media worldwide.

So now I present to you our…

Top 10 Disney and Theme Park Stories for 2010

10. Review of Disney’s Via Napoli restaurant

The highly-anticipated opening of Disney’s Via Napoli pizzeria became our most popular restaurant review to date. The article features my take on the food (as a picky Italian eater) as well as colorful photography, a video tour of the restaurant, and interviews with its creators. Since its opening, Via Napoli has continued to draw large crowds of guests at Epcot each day.

9. Details for Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream 2010

Halloween is always a popular time of year within theme parks and this year was no exception. When Busch Gardens Tampa Bay unveiled its theme for 2010, many came to InsideTheMagic.net to read about Sylvie, her band My X, and the haunted houses and scare zones the park planned to offer up. Many (including myself) were especially interested in Alone, the “personal experience in horror.”

8. “Urban explorers” rediscover Discovery Island and River Country

The winner of the bizarre theme park news story of the year (and 8th most popular) goes to a group of self-proclaimed “urban explorers” who took it upon themselves to venture into the long-closed areas of Walt Disney World formerly known as Discovery Island and the River Country water park. The adventure actually took place outside of 2010, but their documentation, including pictures of the rundown Disney area, become quite popular this year.

7. Talking, interactive Mickey Mouse makes his theme park debut

Disney regularly surprises guests with new experiences, but this 7th most popular story of 2010 commanded attention of fans and media around the country. In what was intended as a quiet play test inside Disneyland park, Disney brought out a version of Mickey Mouse who could not only blink his eyes and move his mouth (as had been seen on various Disney stage shows) but also talk and interact with guests, all while staying completely in character. This level of verbal meet-and-greet interaction had previously been reserved only for “face” characters and not costumed ones and when one guest’s YouTube video hit the Internet, all were interested to see what Disney had to say about it. The next day, Disney admitted to the test, but would not comment on when this new technology would be used in the parks. Later in the year, talking Mickey Mouse returned during the World of Color opening.

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  1. Wild Ol' Dan

    Howdy Ricky,

    There is simply no question about it…your stories, your videos, your unbridled enthusiasm for and exploration of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was a shere delight in every respect! I am sure that it played a major role in the park’s overwhelming success this year…and, what is even more, it brought a real taste of the fun to Wizarding World of Harry Potter fans who could not visit, because of vast distances or because of the rediculous expenses of an actual journey to Universal…

    I hope you will continue to provide the excellent level of coverage of this truly special place in the months and year(s) ahead. In many ways this is the closest a poor family, like the Weasleys, will ever be able to get to the magic that is this special place. But, I believe, that even poor people should be allowed to dream…to wish…to hope for
    something magical in their lives too…and your excellent coverage allows them to do that in a way.

    Just as all people, rich and poor, can enjoy the Potter adventures through the books and the movies…I dream of a day when Universal would lower their grossly over inflated prices on admission, chocolate frogs, Butter Beer, Pumpkin Juice, and Bernie Botts Every Flavored Beans so that all might enjoy the wonders of this special place. Until then, your wonderful site…giving us a look Inside The Magic…has done an excellent service for both the rich and the poor and we are all very, very grateful. Thanks to both you and your wife…and Hedwig too! Adios for now. Talk to ya on down the trail. Wild Ol’ Dan

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