Old Spice “Matterhorn” deodorant scent inadvertently draws Disneyland fan crowd

Old Spice “Matterhorn” deodorant scent inadvertently draws Disneyland fan crowd

A new Old Spice deodorant scent is attracting Disney fans solely based on a loose connection to a classic Disneyland attraction. The tagline written on Old Spice’s new “Matterhorn” scent reads “smells like ice, wind & freedom,” but some consumers aren’t concerned with the actual fragrance as much the fact that the product’s name immediately evokes images and memories of the popular Matterhorn Bobsleds attraction at Disneyland.

Upon spotting the deodorant at a local store a few days ago, I posted a message about it along with a photo on the Inside the Magic Facebook page. To my surprise, a number of fellow Disney fans replied they had also jumped on the same impulse buy. One reply cited the package design (sporting a rendering of the real Matterhorn mountain‘s famous peak) as a reason for making the purchase. The product’s design not only depicts the mountain, but also a gondola gliding past it, reminiscent of the Disneyland’s old Skyway ride.

When asked to comment on the possible Disney connection, De’Jon, a member of the “Old Spice Team,” sent me the following note: “Matterhorn is a part of the Old Spice Fresh Collection. The Fresh Collection scents are inspired by nature. It is just a coincidence that this scent shares the name of a Disneyland attraction.”

So while Old Spice may not have been inspired by the Disneyland attraction, it seems that many Disney fans will now perspire knowing they’re protected by it. (Yes, the ol’ inspiration/perspiration connection – I couldn’t resist.)

According to the Old Spice web site, you can pick up the “Matterhorn” scent at Walgreens and CVS, though I got mine at Target. It was around $4, which was about $1 more than most of the other deodorants, but I couldn’t pass up having “ice, wind & freedom” – and maybe a little bit of Yeti – helping me through each day.

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